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Urgent updates for common law organizers from Field Secretary Kevin Annett



Rev. Kevin Annett

Rev. Kevin Annett

1. Another eyewitness has come forward linking European royalty to ritual killings and human “hunting parties” in Belgium and England as recently as 2008. This witness is willing to go public and their video interview will be available soon.

Veterans Defy Barriers in Salt Lake City

Rick Miller, Robert O’Dowd and Tim King at the Great Salt Lak

Rick Miller, Robert O’Dowd and Tim King at the Great Salt Lak

Co-authors of Betrayal: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-up travel to Salt Lake City, Utah to share information that will help save Veteran’s lives.

California Woman’s Family Says State is Blocking Life Saving Surgery


Young woman requires specialized surgery to live, California balks, manifesting the worst Obamacare predictions. Who will save her life?

My daughter grows more sick by the day and it’s beginning to look like she will die in pain at home or die in a toxic situation with an emergency surgery. This type of surgery is very risky without the additional hazard of toxicity. I fear for her life! 

Tim King – Salem Insider

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