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What the Pope Did Not Say

Turkish World Bulletin.

Turkish World Bulletin.


Israel hides behind its own special “Catch-22″

Dr. James M. Wall Global News Centre

It is what the Pope did not say that should disturb the world.

The Turkish World Bulletin’s New Desk  points to crucial words missing from his Holy Land Papal trip May 25-26:

“Although the Pope has prayed at the separation wall in Bethlehem and called for a Palestinian state during his visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied Al-Quds (East Jerusalem), he has not commented on Israeli abuses or on the blockade on 1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza.” 

Also missing was the essential point that the Pope’s visit was made in a political environment in which Israel and the U.S. have once again insisted on their “two sides” recurring diplomatic dodge. 

An Open Letter to Cecily McMillan

Cecily McMillan

Cecily McMillan

Robert Burrowes Global News Centre

I have been reading accounts of your recent trial and conviction following your arrest at the Occupy Wall Street celebration at Zuccotti Park in 2012.

I found your brief statement at sentencing – http://justiceforcecily.com/statements/cecily-sentencing/ – and your statement to your supporters – http://www.truthdig.com/report/page3/they_cant_outlaw_the_revolution_20140518 – both insightful and evocative and it brought to mind the compassionate and powerful statements of the great nonviolent activists – such as Mohandas K. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. – who have gone before you.

Watchman and Christian Crowd Save Priest’s Family in Pakistan During Home Invasion


(OKARA) Monday at midnight, five armed men entered the house of Rev. Hanook David, who is the priest of Lahore Diocese Church of Pakistan; a church under the Bishop of Lahore Rt. Rev. Irfan Jamil at Village 2 Chak Bait Ul Ham, and took the Priest and his whole family hostage for four hours.

No Accountability in the Opioid/Heroin Epidemic Results in Dangerous “False Prophets”

Photos published under U.S. Fair Use Policy

Photos published under U.S. Fair Use Policy

Marianne Skolek Global News Centre

Over the years I have written many articles on the profiting by paid spokespersons and foundations by the pharmaceutical industry in sparking the opioid/heroin epidemic fires throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Omar: Film Review By Gilad Atzmon

Omar Fil Gilad Atzmon Review

One of the most important Palestinian feature films ever,Omar is, to date, the deepest expose of the diabolical nature of the Israeli occupation and the inhuman situation imposed on Palestinians by the Jewish State.It also throws light on the tragic and depressing Palestinian struggle against a sophisticated, demonic enemy – an on-going battle that so far has led nowhere. In his latest film, Palestinian director Hany Abu Assad sets Omar (Adam Bakri), a young freedom fighter in an impossible, yet common, Palestinian dilemma, caught in a devastating triangle between his patriotic commitment, romance and the omnipresent Jewish State – a brutal, Orwellian, Big Brother that sees everything, knows everything, sets people against each other and controls everything through a network of collaborators even within the resistance.

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