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Musical Notes Can Carry A Great Tune

Agron Belica Michael Krapovicky











Boston/Portland, ME  -Michael Krapovicky is a singer and songwriter… and also a multi-instrumentalist, member of multiple touring bands, recording engineer, mastering technician and producer.

New Song and Music Video for Veteran Outreach Mission: (Operation) Red Dragonfly

Tim King with Agron Belca global news centre

Tim King Operation Red Dragonfly Global News Centre

(BOSTON) – Operation Red Dragonfly is one former Marine’s journey to cross the country spreading the word about toxic military bases and other issues impacting Veterans and the general public.

Along with former Marine Robert O’Dowd, Tim King is the co-author of Betrayal: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-up

‘Brooklyn Boy’ – In Memory of Leiby Kletzky by Agron Belica

Leiby Kletsky Agron Belica AMI MAgazine

(BOSTON) – A child was laid to rest in the darkness; an innocent lost and innocence lost.

Donne wrote, “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.” How much more are we involved when the death is that of an innocent child, murdered senselessly by someone he trusted to guide him to his loving parents? The child was their hope for the future. I am not a Jew, but the death of this innocent boy diminishes me personally because I am part of a society in which such atrocities can still occur.

Egypt court overturns conviction for Islamist prisoner deaths

Egypt court overturns conviction for islamist prisoner deathsGlobal News Centre







Egyptian police detain an alleged member of the Muslim Brotherhood and student of al-Azhar University in Cairo following

Woman gets life for killing husband with hammer

Global News Centre Woman Gets Life For Killing Husband with Hammer

PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona woman convicted of fatally beating her husband with a hammer will spend the rest of her life in prison, a judge ruled Friday as he denied her request for a chance at parole after serving 25 years.

The jury that convicted Marissa Devault in the January 2009 killing of Dale Harrell had spared her the death penalty in late April and instead handed down a life sentence. It was up to a judge to formally impose the sentence and decide whether Devault would have a chance at parole.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Roland Steinle heard tearful pleas for leniency from Devault’s three daughters, but he picked the harsher punishment.

Steinle said he rejected Devault’s claim that she committed the murder because she was a victim of domestic violence and instead noted that he believes she killed him out of greed. “There is nothing in this record of the defendant that would justify parole,” Steinle said, adding that he didn’t believe she was remorseful. By JACQUES BILLEAUD

DEA targets doctors linked to medical marijuana

Cannabis Global News Centre1

US Drug Enforcement Administration investigators have visited the homes and offices of Massachusetts physicians involved with medical marijuana dispensaries and delivered an ultimatum: sever all ties to marijuana companies, or relinquish federal licenses to prescribe certain medications, according to several physicians and their attorneys.

The stark choice is necessary, the doctors said they were told, because of friction between federal law, which bans any use of marijuana, and state law, which voters changed in 2012 to allow medical use of the drug.

The DEA’s action has left some doctors, whose livelihoods depend on being able to offer patients pain medications and other drugs, with little option but to resign from the marijuana companies,where some held prominent positions.

Tim King Talks Glassblowing With John Kelly At Awear

Awear with Agron Belica

One of the coolest aspects to me is how collaborativeand imaginative this form lends itself to creativity, being able to make a few sections and have friends do the same and build a piece however the mind conceives it.  —John Kelly

Tim King: John, your glassblowing is incredible. How long have you been involved in this art and what drew you in to it?

John Kelly: Both Adam and I have been glassblowers for almost 20 years now. We lived in Portland, Oregon, in the mid ’90’s which was the center for these kinds of arts at the time. We both got swept away with the freedom that medium offers you. One of the coolest aspects to me is how collaborative  and imaginative this form lends itself to creativity, being able to make a few sections and have friends do the same and build a piece however the mind conceives it.Tim King: On the West Coast, glassblowing has been popular for many years. Is the business thriving on the East Coast in places like Portland, Maine?

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