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Woman’s Shrieking Racist Rant Goes Viral & You’ll See Why

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“Earlier this morning, a video was posted onto Reddit showing a woman spewing incredibly racist statements towards a black man. The video shows the woman’s two children witnessing her rant, while the man sits calmly in his car recording her comments.

Note: This article contains explicit language that some readers may find offensive. 

“You’re a nigger. Nasty fucking nigger,” she tells him. 

Betrayal: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-up

Authors Robert O\'Dowd with Tim King Betrayal

An undisclosed toxic nightmare for Marines, govt. drug smuggling, and Murder.

Student of the month Burgeoning young actor knows the importance of charity.

Ariana Zoto Photo by Christopher O\'Conner2
Student of the month

Photo by Allie Rivera

For ten year old Ariana Zoto,  giving back is a normal and necessary part of life. ” when I was younger I split my ear open”, the fourth grader at Stevens School said.

She recalled how frightening it was to lie in a hospital bed with doctors and nurses surrounding her and decided that day that she wanted to help others in similar situations.

“I wanted them to have something to hold on to”.  Since then Ariana has worked on various fundraisers and toy drives to bring comfort to patients at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford.  “She does a toy drive all by herself” said teacher Mike Stevens.  Around Christmas she was able to gather around 300 stuffed animals for donation.  ” I’ve never met a kid like this” he said.  For birthdays and holidays,  Ariana has been known to ask for donations of toys or gift cards for the children’s hospital rather than gifts for herself. When asked why she gives so willingly, she gave a small shrug.

By Allie Rivera, Rocky Hill Life Newspaper  March, 2014

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