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RE: Idle No More & Living In Reality featuring John Trudell, and Agron Belica

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Idle No More Agron Belica...Written by Tim King

Many of us who write about human rights abuse spend our lives with our minds in places like Palestine and Sri Lanka. We’re vested in these stories that are so overlooked by mainstream reporters, yet we ourselves are often the last to look in our own backyards.

Israel joins major EU scientific initiative



In August, the EU said that in order to take part in the program, Israel would have to accept its guidelines, which restrict European businesses and other entities from conducting trade or cooperating with Israeli organizations and companies operating in the West Bank territories.

JERUSALEM, June 8 (Xinhua) — Israel joined Sunday Horizon 2020, a major EU research program, though its guidelines bar Israel from transferring funding to settlement-related projects, officials said in a statement sent to media.

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