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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Environmental Polluters



Robert O’Dowd Global News Centre

(WASHINGTON, DC) – The Supreme Court in a 7 to 2 decision on June 9th ruled in favor of the CTS Corporation, Ashville, NC. The ruling supported North Carolina’s statue of repose, which establishes a 10 year clock for an injured party to file a lawsuit against a polluter.

After the clock runs out, lawsuits alleging injury from the contamination are banned. The residents’ lawsuit over the former CTS Corp. land was filed 24 years after the company sold the property. An appellate court said the suit could nonetheless proceed, on the grounds that the federal statute of limitations pegged to discovery of injury preempted the state’s statute of repose pegged to the sale of the land, according to a report by the McClatchy News Service news report by Michael Doyle, “Supreme Court ruling muddies water in Lejeune pollution case”.

US Mainstream Media Misleading Public

 media_USAs Americans reel from one deadly school shooting after another, their fear for the future grows exponentially.

Tim King Press TV

They also inescapably know that their national economy has been hijacked and over-exploited to the point of no return due to massive investments in the bottomless pit of military spending.

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