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The Journey to Self-Awareness



What is Self-awareness?

Robert J. Burrowes Global News Centre

Self-awareness is the capacity to pay conscious attention to all aspects of yourself: to use sensory capacities such as sight, hearing and touch to provide accurate information about the external world; to use feelings such as thirst, hunger, nausea, dizziness and physical pain to provide accurate information about the state of your body and what it needs; to use memory to store and provide access to learning from past experience; to use your ‘truth register’ to detect lies and other misinformation; to use intuition to ‘listen’ to and remain in touch with ‘the big picture’ of life as a whole; to use conscience to enable you to make and act on those difficult moral choices that, for example, might ultimately require you to act against social conventions or unjust laws; to use feelings such as fear, happiness, emotional pain, joy, anger, satisfaction, sadness, sexual arousal and a vast variety of others to tell you what is happening for you in any given situation and to give you the power to behave appropriately in this context when the time is right; and to use intellect to acquire, interpret, analyse and evaluate information from these and other sources, such as written material.

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