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Sectarian violence in south declared off-limits for media

sl-mosque“Censorship of the media’s news coverage by the authorities is outrageous but customary in Sri Lanka whenever problems with minorities arise,” - Benjamin Ismaïl, head of the Reporters Without Borders Asia-Pacific desk

Reporters Without Borders

(COLOMBO) The Sri Lankan authorities asked the local media not to cover the clashes between Buddhists and Moslems that erupted in the southern region of Aluthgama on the night of 15 June. A curfew was also imposed in an attempt to contain a situation described by the government as “tense.”

Tosh Plumlee’s Thoughts for Today “… A friendly note to our elected officials: …”

american-dreamI have often said; “ … if you can define the problem in one simple sentence, then you have solved ninety percent of the problem”.

Robert “Tosh” Plumlee Global News Centre

(COLORADO SPRINGS) I am sorry to say that the President of the United States and his Administration have demonstrated to the American people, on more than one occasion, that they are incapable of running the affairs of this nation. Collectively, they have demonstrated to the American people that they are not leaders. They have shown the people they can’t think on their feet. They have no plan to halt the terrorist movement that is currently invading the Middle East, and soon to invade this country.

Spotlight on Failed Secret Gun Running Ops to Middle East



Stinger Missiles from Benghazi in hands of ISIS


(SALEM/COLORADO SPRINGS) Stinger missiles and other weapons currently in the hands of Sunni extremists with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) were attained by poor security, and originated from Benghazi and other areas, reports Robert Plumlee, a longtime CIA pilot who became a whistleblower in the 1980’s by reporting information that led to the Iran-Contra affair.  He reported months ago that “Stinger Missiles from Libya and Benghazi were not being monitored and some were in extremist hands, also referenced as, ‘International Gun Running…'”

Never Leave a Soldier Behind: That’s Clutch! by G.N.C.

New song highlights our desire to share truth in unconventional ways…

Tim King Global News Centre

Tim King with Agron Belca global news centre(BOSTON/SALEM) Global News Centre is proud to launch the first song off of our new upcoming album that celebrates our origination, “Never Leave a Soldier Behind: That’s Clutch!” by Ace (Agron Belica) and Patrick Dreier of Encore Music Academy and Recording Studios.A The new song and video will pave the way for future music, or Newsic, as we call it, and it’s all about human rights, saving lives, and illuminating stories that the mainstream media overlooks.  We have been doing this for years on Salem-News.com and it is with great pleasure and excitement that we bring the music to GlobalNewsCentre.com to help reach people outside of the traditional news audience.

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