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Look what we have done to Iraq. Shame, Shame!

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Joseph Clifford Global News Centre

If you want to know why Iraq is dissolving into anarchy, death, destruction, and total devastation, you should take a minute to recall what the US has done to that country. We supported the dictator Saddam Hussein with weapons and chemicals which he used against the Iranians in an eight year war. During that war we supported both sides, a completely immoral act, thus insuring a bloodier outcome. After supporting him with weapons he subsequently, according to the US government, turned from our friend (recall the infamous picture of Donald Rumsfeld shaking his hand) into being a “Hitler” like, and we turned against him and launched two wars against the Iraqi people. The first occurred because he invaded Kuwait after the American ambassador April Glaspie, gave him the wink and nod to do so.


Jay R. Crook, Ph.D. Global News Centre

Tim King G.N.C.

Tim King is back manning the helm of a new forum for the battle for truth, justice, and peace: the Global News Centre. He is living proof of the old adage, “You can’t keep a good man down,” especially if he is an ex-marine.

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