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SRI LANKA NEEDS NO MORE TRAITORS – Has UNP forgotten how it killed 44 intelligence officers?

srilanka-350Voters must ensure that support for politicians is given on the basis that they do not betray the nation, its armed forces and the people. The National Security of the Country must Come First.

Article by Shenali D Waduge Lanka Web

(COLOMBO)  The Sri Lankan military has announced that they have received information that certain politicians are attempting to divulge names of intelligence units and pin blame on them for the Aluthgama debacle in an obvious effort to create distrust and bring further chaos. It smacks memory of Aturugiriya and reminds us of how UNP for cheap publicity ended up exposing the entire intelligence of the army and killing 44 intelligence personnel.

Liberal New York mayor challenges school choice for minorities

deblasiobydonkeyhoteyGiving poor and minority students a choice of where to go to school, a choice which more affluent students already have, should be a natural cause for a “progressive” like Bill De Blasio to embrace.

Allan C. Brownfeld Global News Centre

(WASHINGTON DC)  New York City’s mayor, William De Blasio has stressed that he is a progressive, committed to making life better for minorities and the poor. Yet ever since taking office in January, he has launched a crusade against a vehicle which has the ability to rescue poor and minority children from failing public schools.

California and Illinois sue pharma for opioid epidemic – 48 states need to follow “lawsuit”

cal-illinoisThe “highlights” of the California lawsuit are critical that families dealing with this epidemic recognize that unless there is accountability by government agencies in the form of lawsuits, this epidemic will continue to run wild — with profiteers benefiting and recruiting more “snake oil salesmen” to destroy your lives.

Marianne Skolek Global News Centre

For the past 12 years I have been exposing Purdue Pharma for criminally marketing their highly addictive opioid, OxyContin to the medical profession and patients through their physician spokespersons and funded pain foundations.


Ariana Zoto with Jamal Belica

Jay R. Crook, Ph.D.

James Patterson

James Patterson

“The first thing I do in any town I come to is ask if it has a bookstore,” (Robert Frost). In his time, most towns of any size had one or more bookstores.

Iraq: Mainstream Media Disinformation Yet Again


Joseph Clifford

Once again mainstream media either has no clue, or is distorting information on the current situation in Iraq, which is one of the reasons a recent Gallup poll indicated a whopping 77% distrust mainstream media TV news. It is no wonder when mainstream media parade in front of us the same cast of characters that brought us the lies that led to a series of Iraq wars and all the tragedies that followed. Mainstream media considers them as “experts” even though they have a history of being dead wrong or of being liars. Rather than have them paraded in front of us as “experts” they should be paraded in front of the World Court as war criminals, mass murderers, and liars, but the US and Israel refused to join in the World Court for fear of being charged. As members, they would be standing in judgment before the World Court for their murderous acts. Certainly most Americans realize mainstream media is part of the sham, thus the public’s callous disregard and contempt of mainstream media.

Why America favors ‘religious’ extremists

Militants from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) (file photo)

Militants from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) (file photo)

Touting its commitment to religious freedom like a broken record, US politicians and administrations continue supporting murderous, “religious” fanatics.

Tim King Press TV

World order is contingent upon freedom, a concept the American government has claimed to represent for more than two hundred years — the same US government that eradicated the Native American culture in the world’s largest and longest genocide. Sadly, now, as it was then, America’s claims are a ruse and a bloody lip for humanity. In truth, the American government is doing, and has been doing, everything in its range of power to contaminate the world with its political and corporate greed. There are no rules or boundaries, and the worst part of all is the fact that the United States funds and fuels the violent acts of religious extremists without batting an eyelash, and it is costing the world dearly.

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