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Keep Up on Israel’s onslaught against Gaza

gaza-art“Very similar to what the founding fathers of our country did to the Native people of this land; claimed force of arms” – Brian Frazier, 99 Rise San Diego

Tim King Global News Centre

(SALEM/GAZA)  It is a gut wrenching thing to know that Israel, an apartheid government established on Palestinian land, continues to pound and pummel the civilian population of Gaza day after day.

Death roll in Gaza reached 76 murdered, 550 wounded in Israeli strikes

gaza-deadEight Palestinians were killed and 17 were injured on Monday the first day of Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip.

Global News Centre

(GAZA Al Qassam website)  76 Palestinian citizens were killed and nearly 550 injured in the Israeli air strikes against Gaza since Monday.

Media sources reported that the old woman Amna Frajallah, 80, was killed in Israeli air strike against Moghraqa area north of Nuzirate camp.

Mishaal: Numerous contacts were made with Hamas to accept ceasefire

mishaalMishaal condemned the west and the international community’s double standards policy.

Global News Centre

(GAZA Al Qassam website)  Chairman of Hamas’s political bureau Khaled Mishaal revealed that numerous calls and contacts were made with his Movement to reach a truce agreement and stop rocket fire. He declared his movement’s total rejection to such demands as Israel was the one that started the aggression.

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