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Israel bombs Gaza yet again while the US acts as the accomplice

Israel bombs Gaza Again

Here we go again. Once again the largest open air prison in the world is being bombed, with Gazans so far having seen 1000 tons of bombs dropped on them with a death toll of over 120 and not one Israeli casualty.

Joseph Clifford Global News Centre

It is an oft repeated story. Israel is still contemplating a ground invasion as they did in 2008-2009 but are reluctant to do so because they lost 8 soldiers in their ground invasion last time.

UNRWA declares state of emergency in Gaza

unrwaAs UNRWA has always been ready to provide whatever emergency assistance it can, should the situation deteriorate even further, Turner said.

Global News Centre

(GAZA Al Qassam website)  The UNRWA on Thursday declared  a state of emergency in all five areas of its operations in the Gaza Strip to deal with the dramatic escalation in violence and the impacts of the massive assault on Gaza.

26 Palestinians Killed By Israeli Missiles since Friday

gaza-child-34On Friday, at night, two Palestinians were killed when Israeli missiles struck a Palestinian farmland in Deir al-Balah, central Gaza.

Global News Centre

(GAZA Al Qassam website) Palestinian medical sources have reported that eleven more Palestinians have been killed, Friday, the fourth day of the ongoing Israeli aggression and war on the Gaza Strip, and that at least three of the slain Palestinians are children.

New Caliphate: West sees no terrorism, hears no terrorism

bush-baghdadi“US, under the guise of combating terrorism, had unleashed a chain of military insanity in Iraq that ultimately led to the establishment of real terrorism and a real terrorist organization, namely ISIS”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat Global News Centre

The official inauguration of the world Muslims’ leader, the Amir of all Muslim Believers, or the so called Calipheh (Caliph) doesn’t take place in a presidential/royal palace, It happens in a humble mosque.

No martial parade or red carpet and fanfare are required only blind allegiance of hordes of Muslim extremists and jihadists will often do the job.

Illegal Immigration, how many will the boat hold?

Photo by Tim King Global News Centre

Photo by Tim King Global News Centre

Who in their right mind would have preferred the sinking ship to a lifeboat?

Glenn Mollette Global News Centre

(NEWBURGH, Indiana) Two thousand two hundred and twenty-three people desperately tried to escape from the sinking Titanic. One thousand five hundred and seventeen perished, as they could not escape. Most of them could not escape because there were not enough lifeboats. There were boats for only eleven hundred and seventy-eight people. Sadly, the ship was not properly equipped with enough lifeboats.    

Part I The Frankenstein Growth of Central Banks

Germany 1939-B pfennig - CoinFactsWiki www.coinfactswiki.com

Germany 1939-B pfennig – CoinFactsWiki

A pfennig for your pthoughts…   (The pfennig was once a valuable coin, but it became worthless in the German Reich following the devaluation  beginning about 1917.  Something like the concept of Central Banking. – Ed.)              

(Not the Left Bank, not the Right Bank but…)

Bill Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH) I had a nodding acquaintance with the subject early on.  About 1960, when Canada was feeling gutsy, with nationhood in flower, although Trudeau had yet to flex his  constitutional muscles. Just to demonstrate how little has changed since I was a youth, colony-wise, one of the more recent – in fact the last – of the Governors of the Bank of Canada was so good at it that he was promoted not long ago – now he’s Governor of the Bank of England.

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