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Haaretz has been hacked by AnonGhost #opSaveGaza

anonghost-haaretz-hacked-620x264The AnonGhost hackers have hacked the subdomain of the Haaretz website, which allowed them to upload their defacement code.

Global News Centre

The AnonGhost hackers have found a way to access the Haaretz domain.

The hackers have hacked the Haaretz news website.

HAMAS: Imminent Menace to Palestine

hamas-5-1Gaza was being separated from Palestine geographically by Israel’s occupation and morally by HAMAS’ occupation”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat Global News Centre

I knew it, even before I started penning down one word of this post. I was sure most of those who will read my piece will end up, maybe before they will have finished reading it, misunderstanding the whole logic behind the article. I knew a lot of my readers would hate me for this piece, but I felt I had to write it down anyway.

I have the right to write down how I really view this hard-to-define entity called “HAMAS” and the readers have the right to accept my views or not. (my views come from first–hand experience through my work as a medical doctor in both Egyptian/Palestinian Rafah and many personal contacts in Gaza)

Post-America and the death of exceptionalism

american_shame (2)I wasn’t a dumb guy, I went to Penn State… no, wait… it was the State Pen.  – Dean Martin

Bill Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH ) It was just a couple of years ago, that red letter day for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In huge red letters, as a matter of fact. (1) Jerry Sandusky, an erstwhile football coach and inspirational leader and advocate of disadvantaged youth, was jailed for life several times over. (If you’d picked up a newspaper, watched television news or attended a water-cooler conversation during the previous six months, you needn’t having been told why.) (2) A Philadelphia Archbishop, William Lynn, set a new precedent for a senior Catholic prelate with his conviction for shielding and conspiracy in the cover-up of raping priests. Meanwhile, (3) in  Charlie Rose’s New York studio, Amy Gutman, President of the University of Pennsylvania, was promoting her new book on academic and political compromise as the final solution to practically every problem, proclaiming that American universities more than ever were the best in the world and would show us the way to an even greater era of exceptionalism.

One more for Gaza By Team TJP 2014

Gaza Under Attack

-M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

Life hardens us to certain things, I fear, and much that once made us cringe comes to be a part of the background noise of life. 60 plus years of abuse, brutality, maiming and murder of Palestinians is, psychologically, wearing many down emotionally. 

Albanian-American Author & Musician Agron Belica 2014

Agron Belica/Spiritual Beast

Agron Belica/Spiritual Beast

If all of Agron Belica’s research and the conclusions he draws from it prove to be valid, then the traditional view of John the Baptist/Yahya, both scholarly and conventional, Jewish, Christian and Muslim, will be subjected to a tidal wave of revision and reconsideration. This will also affect most extant translations of the Quran into English, with the exception of The Sublime Quran by Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar which incorporates all of his results that relate to Quranic verses. Additionally, the great collections of medieval Islamic commentaries, both Sunni and Shia, which often repeat such colorful Biblical stories as the beheading of John the Baptist, will have to be viewed more critically. Such revisionism is sure to meet with a strong opposition.

Tim King Editor in Chief Global News Centre

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