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Malaysian passenger liner with 310 souls crashes near Ukraine border

malaysia-17Includes the latest YouTube videos from the scene of the crash…

Global News Centre

295 human beings were killed today when Malaysian Air Flight 17 crashed in eastern Ukraine.  Pieces of the plane show little impact damage, suggesting that the plane was struck by an errant missile.  Debris and human remains are reportedly strewn over a seven mile region.

The plane was en route from Amsterdam to Malaysia. In addition to 285 passengers, 15 crew members were also on board the Boeing-777 aircraft, according to Russian Television (RT).

Holocaust in Palestine

gaza-child-deadHow could you comfort a family when many of its members, mostly youngsters are blown to smithereens while sitting in a café in front of a TV screen watching football?

Jafar M Ramini Global News Centre

(LONDON) Far be it from me to quote ‘a holy book’ but if you think of those holy books as terms of reference as opposed to a rigid doctrine of worship then quoting them becomes acceptable.

It says in the bible that our journey in life, the human race, is limited to three score years and ten, adding up to seventy. Try to tell that to the many mothers, sisters and grannies in Palestine who suffered the loss of a child before they even made it to ten years, slaughtered by Israeli brute force. A force that is supplied, equipped, trained and sanctioned by western powers, especially the United States of America.

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