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America’s Poverty, do something about it

 poverty-girlMore poverty unfortunately is coming to America. President Johnson’s dream of a great society of handouts to the down and out has maxed out.

Glenn Mollette Global News Centre

I’ve never lived in poverty. However, like most Americans I have known a few tough times. I do know that poverty is not pretty. I’ve never been around a hungry family that was dancing in joy because of their dire situation. Poverty is hard.

I grew up in Martin County, Kentucky. We were supposed to be the poorest county in the United States in 1964 when President Johnson began his campaign against poverty.

Calling Presbyterians anti-Semitic a tactic to silence Israel critics

End the occupation / Photo: ScottMontreal, Flickr Creative Commons license Courtesy: commdiginews.com

End the occupation / Photo: ScottMontreal, Flickr Creative Commons license
Courtesy: commdiginews.com

While many in the organized American Jewish community continue to charge anyone who criticizes Israel with “anti-Semitism,” this trivialization of genuine bigotry is difficult to maintain in the face of an increasing number of Jewish voices to be heard defending the Presbyterian decision, and sometimes even lamenting that the church did not go further.

Allan Brownfeld Global News Centre

(WASHINGTON DC) In June, the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted to endorse divestment as a protest against Israel’s 50-year occupation of Palestine. Almost immediately, it was accused of “anti-Semitism,” even involvement with a former Ku Klux Klan leader.

America: Help Our Veterans

Veteran_9-600Improprieties and interpretation of who gets what and for what, torn bodies, PTSD, cancer. O, just let them wait, maybe they will die.  Is this how our veterans who fought the battles should be treated ?

John J. Bury Global News Centre

(MEDIA, Pa.) Without our veterans and those who made the ultimate sacrifice, where would America be today? It is any ones guess, however certainly not the Freedom and Liberty we enjoy.

We have ownership, jobs, health care, cars, any number of opportunities, we fought for freedom over a few centuries. There are those who would take away what we have as Americans.

We continue to maintain an armed force to protect our boarders so we can continue to enjoy what we do have. Something to give serious thought to.

Sri Lanka’s strategy to counter the UN investigation

“Canada is deeply concerned by reports of efforts to restrict legitimate activities of civil society and non-governmental organizations in Sri Lanka…” – The Honourable Deepak Obhrai, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and for International Human Rights



Intro by Visvanathan for Global News Centre

Rajapaksa’s appointment of 3 international experts may be an attempt by him to stall UNHRC probe. If they are true international experts they cannot deviate from the truth. Canada has expressed concern on the restriction placed on Civil Society and Non-Government Organisations, as you will see below.

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