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Temple University researchers eliminate the HIV virus from cultured human cells for first time

Their approach promises a permanent cure and potential for protection against HIV.

Global News Centre

The HIV-1 virus has proved to be tenacious, inserting its genome permanently into its victims’ DNA, forcing patients to take a lifelong drug regimen to control the virus and prevent a fresh attack. Now, a team of Temple University School of Medicine researchers has designed a way to snip out the integrated HIV-1 genes for good.

10,000 Palestine Supporters Demonstrate in Chicago

Earlier in the day the protesters staged a “Die-In” outside Tribune Tower to commemorate the Palestinians killed in Gaza.

Israel Invades Gaza Because It Can



By Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Submitted by Jay R. Crook, Ph.D.

Global News Centre

Israel invades Gaza because it can. Gazans, in the face of an invasion, have no ability to strike back, while Israel strikes forward. Israel has total military superiority, an air force which can knock and then bomb, a navy which can shell Gazans from miles off shore, an army which can roll tanks into Gaza nonstop. Gazans have no army, navy, or air force with which to defend. Israel, as any nation, has a right to defend itself, but it confuses offense with defense. It is on the offensive in Gaza.

The Political Objective and Strategic Goal of Nonviolent Actions



Whether or not activists achieve their political objective is strategically irrelevant. This is because an effective nonviolent action is designed to achieve its strategic goal, irrespective of the response of opponents or the authorities to the political objective of the action. 

Robert J. Burrowes Global News Centre

(TASMANIA)  All nonviolent struggles are conducted simultaneously in the political and strategic spheres, and these spheres, which are distinct, interact throughout. I have discussed this at length elsewhere: see ‘The Strategy of Nonviolent Defense: A Gandhian Approach’ http://www.sunypress.edu/p-2176-the-strategy-of-nonviolent-defe.aspx Despite this, only rarely have nonviolent struggles been conducted with a conscious awareness of this vitally important relationship. Gandhi’s campaigns were very effective partly because he understood the distinction and relationship between politics and strategy in nonviolent struggle. And the failure of many campaigns can be attributed, in part, to the fact that most activists do not. To illustrate the distinction and the relationship between these two spheres, and to highlight their vital importance, this article discusses them within the simpler context of nonviolent actions.

Palestinian Children Have No Iron Dome

islam-abdel-karim-for-the-washington-post1Israel and the U.S. attempted to create a narrative of a “cease fire” which Hamas was told to sign on without having been a party to any “cease fire” conservations.

Dr. James Wall Global News Centre

(CHICAGO) One day after a U.S. congressional committee voted to send more U.S. tax dollars to bolster Israel’s Iron Dome shield, four Palestinian boys were killed on an open beach by Israeli shelling from a naval ship offshore.

Defense for Children International  reported on the Israeli shelling:

“Eight children in Gaza were killed on Wednesday [July 16], including four boys who died as they were playing on the beach in Gaza City when they were directly targeted by the Israeli navy.  Israel’s military offensive on the Gaza Strip has killed at least 45 children according to DCI-Palestine documentation.”

In The Matter of The People v. Bergoglio et al

Bergoglio-98765(Case Docket No. 18072014-002)

Judgement of the Magistrates of the Court, including the majority decision with with one dissenting opinion
Issued in Chambers Friday, 18 July, 2014



Bill Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH ) The unanimous Judgement of the Court is that the three primary defendants Jorge BERGOGLIO, Adolfo PACHON and Justin WELBY have been convicted and are guilty as charged of aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, including murder and human trafficking, and of personal involvement in those crimes. Their guilt has been ably presented and proven beyond any reasonable doubt by the Prosecution.

Without U.S. Entry In World War I, World War II, and The Holocaust Might Not Have Happened



At Versailles, the Germans were declared to be the guilty party and harsh  reparations were imposed, setting the stage for seething resentment, the rise of Hitler, World War II and the Holocaust.

Allan Brownfeld Global News Centre

(WASHINGTON DC)   World War I began one hundred years ago.  In that war, 8.5 million or more from both sides died, and more than 20 million were severely wounded.  In Europe’s first total war, called the Great War until the second one came, seven million civilians also died.

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