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A Letter to Humans #GazaUnderAttack

gaza-childIsrael is using advanced weapons – destructive weapons – naval vessels – devastating aircraft… to bomb schools, houses, refugee camps, churches, mosques, women, men and children.

Global News Centre

(GAZA) Stop the massacre in Gaza, tell the world about Gaza by sharing the video below, brought to you by the International Solidarity Movement, a group activists for Gaza have endless respect for…

Music credits goes to the great musician Malek Jandali.

You mess with my citizen, you mess with my sovereignty!

Andaragachew Tsige photo: ecadforum.com

Andaragachew Tsige photo: ecadforum.com

A case of unequal concern for citizens of the First World whose safety is jeopardized at the hands of rogue states such as Ethiopia is also clearly being seen.

Kiflu Hussain Global News Centre

(HOUSTON)  This piece is prompted by the recent unlawful arrest of an Ethiopian born British citizen in Sanaa, capital of Yemen while on a transit flight from Dubai to Asmara, capital of Eritrea. The arrested person named Andaragachew Tsige was handed over by Yemeni officials to the security agents of the Ethiopian regime who whisked him away to his country of origin in order to subject him to a grueling torture.

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