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Albanian-American Author and Musician: “Leave those Babies Alone”

Circumcision is from the devil!!! -Agron Belica

Circumcision is from the devil!!! -Agron Belica

Tim King with Agron Belica Global News Centre

The #1 controversy facing American parents in 2010 was male infant circumcision. That’s quite a statement, but the real eye opener is the knowledge that it is needless, genital mutilation, and that it is dangerous, even potentially fatal, particularly for infants. In fact not a single medical group in the world.

Are Dead Children Worth a Phone Call?


Joseph Clifford    Global News Centre

A person gives an assault weapon to another, who then enters a school and begins killing innocents. The serial killer finds himself running low on ammunition, but the person on the outside who gave him the assault rifle, runs in with fresh ammo and the slaughter continues. Who is being assaulted in this example? Palestinians. Who is the assaulter in this case? Israel. Who is the person who arms and enables the assaulter in this example? The United States government.

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