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US Could Face Genocide Charges Over Supporting Israeli Terrorism

gaza-1“A State is obliged to refrain from acts which would defeat the object and purpose of a treaty” – Article 18 of the “1969 Vienna Convention On The Law Of Treaties

Dr. Parasaran Rangarajan for Global News Centre

(LONDON)   In a rare situation, the U.S. can be convicted of aiding and abetting war crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity, etc for supplying arms to Israel in this latest conflict between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip.

More so, it is too late for the U.S. to withdraw from its obligations without the possibility of a case.Here is how the U.S. can be held accountable in 7 steps:

Is GOP Lawsuit Against Obama Based Partly on Racism?

eyetvsnapshot“I agree with President Carter that racism is playing a role in recent outbursts against President Obama.”Actor and comedian Bill Cosby

Ralph E. Stone Global News Centre

(SAN FRANCISCO)  On July 30, 2014, the Republican-led House approved a resolution authorizing Speaker John Boehner to sue President Barack Obama over claims he abused his powers at the expense of Congress and the Constitution.  Republicans argue Obama’s executive orders in a number of areas were unlawful because it’s the job of Congress to make or change laws. However, the GOP are basing their lawsuit on his handling of the Affordable Care Act.  And there are persistent rumors that the House plans to impeach Obama.

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