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Translations and Commentaries of the Quran May Need Revision

Agron "Ace" Belica

Agron “Ace” Belica

Global News Centre

For centuries, Muslims have assumed that John the Baptist (Yahya), like Jesus, never married or sired children. This is in accordance with Christian tradition, but, Belica argues, there is no cogent reason for Muslims to accept this belief. On the contrary, he says, this view of Yahya is inconsistent with the text of the Quran.

Lawyers Collective urges credible probe into 4th August Attack on civil society meeting

A police officer confronts a Buddhist monk outside a meeting of Tamil families and international officials in Colombo. (Photo by ucanews.com)

A police officer confronts a Buddhist monk outside a meeting of Tamil families and international officials in Colombo. (Photo by ucanews.com)

Press release:  Lawyers Condemn criminal violence against peaceful meetings:

Urges credible probe into the actions of the mob attack on 4th August

Global News Centre

(COLOMBO) Lawyers witnessed an event of a mob disrupting a peaceful meeting to discuss issues of disappeared families, held at Center for Society & Religion, located in the premises of a Catholic Church in Colombo 10, on 4th August 2014. This meeting was organised by Families of The Disappeared, an organisation that has been working on the rights of Sri Lankans who had disappeared including Sinhalese & Tamils, for more than two decades. The meeting was limited to invitees and attended by families of disappeared persons, lawyers, religious clergy, civil society representatives and diplomatic community.

Israeli Officer Missing; 70 More Palestinians Die

Gaza childYears from now, Israeli veterans of this and other wars, will be asked, “what did you do in your war, Daddy”? The answer Daddy gives about “mowing the grass” will tell us what sort of nation Israel has built for the future.

Dr. James Wall Global News Centre

(CHICAGO)  The situation in the city of Rafah in southern Gaza at mid-afternoon Friday (U.S. CST; 11 p.m Gaza time), is both chaotic and horrifying.  This posting will be updated as further reports become available.

America’s Backyard War

Destruction in Gaza

Destruction in Gaza

I would rather build bridges than walls. But in this age there is an evil mindset that is determined to eliminate America’s freedom.

Glenn Mollette Global News Centre

I’m going to pass on trips to Israel for a few weeks. Walking around the Gaza strip looking for some good Arabic food would be crazy right now.

Thousands of Americans each year travel to see the sights of Old Jerusalem and walk in the places where Jesus once walked from the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth and any place that a tour bus can travel. I have only been to Israel once and loved every minute of the trip. The places I saw where beautiful and inspirational.

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