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The Revival of the Prophet Yahya by Agron Belica


Prophet Yahya in Islam

Prophet Yahya in Islam

Jay R. Crook, Ph.D.

Global News Centre 

“The three essays by Agron Belica included in this little volume represent preparatory steps in the assembling of his revolutionary theories about John the Baptist/Yahya. The results of his studies achieved their full treatment in The Passion of the Baptist, Not the Christ, a controversial book that vigorously challenges the conventional view of John as little more than the baptizer of Jesus and the herald of his messiahship. The John/Yahya that Belica’s work has brought forth from the shadows of history is a major prophet in his own right with an independent stature and mission. These articles concentrate principally on the Islamic side of his theses.” —Dr. Jay R. Crook, author of The Bible: An Islamic Perspective series

Remembering Vittorio Arrigoni


While producing the music video for this new Vittorio Arrignoi tribute song by Agron Belica, with my son Sean, it occurred to me how lucky I am to have my children, and how Vittorio or Vik, as he was known to his friends, won’t get to become my age, or experience things that I and so many extremely fortunate western people do each day. Had Vik been allowed to reach his real potential, he would have moved mountains. As it is, only he and a handful of others have been carrying the load for world humanity in Gaza, and that is tragic like his death, and also the point of this important tribute by our good friend Agron Belica, who in addition to his role as a singer/songwriter, is the author of The Passion of the Baptist, not the Christ

Humanitarian Bombing will Insure Anarchy. Is that the intent?

"Helping Iraq Again"

Joseph Clifford Global News Centre

Gee whiz, I wonder what ever went wrong in Iraq? All those ungrateful crazy people running around killing in cruel horrible ways. What is wrong with them?? This is the common stupid narrative of US mainstream media. Well I’ll tell you what went wrong; we screwed that country up so bad it will never recover. What we?? The US government we! But how?? Great question.

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