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What if the FDA, DEA, Pharma and their Lobbying Groups were responsible for the national conspiracy in the opioid/heroin epidemic?



The September 28 Rally will be held on The Mall in Washington, DC (between 12th and 14th Streets).  The FED UP! Rally Headquarters is the Marriott Metro Center, 775 12th Street NW, Washington, DC.

Marianne Skolek Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH) Hypothetically, what if the FDA had an “interest” in approving dangerous opioids when just nine years an opioid called Palladone was pulled by the FDA after only a month of being on the market for its danger to the public?  Purdue Pharma, maker of the opioid, epidemic making drug OxyContin produced Palladone and had hoped to piggyback more profits in the billions with two blockbuster opioids.  When does the FDA say “enough” to approving more opioids and begin protecting the American public?  National conspiracy?  No it can’t be — because Attorneys General could probe and possibly expose an FDA Gate.

DRC: Three members of human rights organisation AGAPE Hauts-Plateaux held by rebel group

15867083x2940x627jpg-3356756_p9On 14 August 2014, around 2:00 pm, while the human rights defenders were working, they were intercepted by the leader of one of the armed groups operating in the region, who immediately took them into custody in a lock-up in Burongi.

William Gomes Global News Centre Human Rights Ambassador

(YORK)  AGAPE Hauts-Plateaux is a human rights organisation based in the Minembwe highlands in South Kivu province, which advocates for the demobilisation and welfare of child soldiers who are exploited by various armed groups operating in the region.

Since August 6, 2014, the three defenders have been part of a team that AGAPE Hauts-Plateaux had sent on mission to conduct a follow-up of children who have recently been demobilised from armed groups. The mission was planned for different localities of Hauts-Plateaux, including Minembwe, Itombwe and Bijombo.

United Nations Security Council “Ceasefire” Resolutions And The State Of Palestine

un-securitycouncilRequesting an occupying military genocidal force for basic medical goods and other basic needs is not only unjust but downright cruel and unusual punishment which no human should deserve.

Dr. Parasaran Rangarajan for Global News Centre

(NEW YORK)  While Israel has stated it will unilaterally request “peace for peace”  if an agreement is not reached by Monday night, it has also stated the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will pass a resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza and the State of Palestine with the support of the U.S. (1)

“Israel is carrying out a holocaust against Palestinian families”


Gaza girl killed in civilian attacks. Photo courtesy: Hamas

Gaza girl killed in civilian attacks. Photo courtesy: Hamas

So far, more than 36 entire Gaza households have been targeted by Israeli bombing.   Just imagine your own family being annihilated by a missile launched from high altitude. This nightmare has effectively become a routine experience in Gaza.

Article by Khalid Amayreh

The title of this brief article is not a hyperbole or a dramatic overstatement meant to attract attention or gain sympathy. It is rather a reflection of reality.

Indeed, if a holocaust is about annihilating people, especially civilians, the Israeli army, the Wehrmacht of our time, has been exterminating entire Palestinian families-the father, the mother and all the children.

Senator Wyden, It’s Time For Decidin’

US Senator Ron Wyden (D) Oregon

US Senator Ron Wyden (D) Oregon

The Israeli lobby is second only to the NRA in power and influence and those who work for Israel get support, media time and lots of AIPAC ( Israeli lobby) money. Those who defy Tel Aviv are shut down rather quickly. Ron Wyden has consistently been among the top ten recipients of AIPAC money.

Vic Pittman Global News Centre

(SILVERTON) Would we Oregonians elect a senator who was also currently a senator for the state of California? Would we accept a governor who was also the governor of another state? It isn’t likely. We would want someone who represented us alone and not other interests. Anything less and we would understandably feel cheated. But did you know that Oregon senator Ron Wyden is an Israeli citizen? He is a “dual-citizen” of Israel and the US. Now I like Wyden….he is no Wayne Morse, but is as close as we have had for some time. However, I firmly believe that no US senator, congressman, president or vice-president, a representative of American citizens, should be a foreign citizen, whether Israeli, Danish or Italian.

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