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PressTV: The Debate – Gaza Outages Part One and Two with Ken O’Keefe and Lee Kaplin

Courtesy of PressTV

Courtesy of PressTV

Global News Centre

Little food, water, electricity and practically no security is how to describe the current situation in the Gaza Strip. The area looks like something out of the twilight zone. And though for now the Israeli land, sea and air attacks have stopped, the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate. Where is the pressure from the international community to get immediate help to the Palestinians in Gaza?

As now, at least 200 thousand Gazans have been displaced and the whole 1.8 million people living there have been devastated by the latest Israeli onslaught. And of course the people have nowhere to go as the more than 7 years of Israeli siege of the territory continues. -PressTV 

Duty to Warn The Suicide of Robin Williams: Why We Need a Grand Jury Inquest to Investigate It

Robin-Williams photo courtesy: addictinginfo.org

Robin-Williams photo courtesy: addictinginfo.org

Knowing that Williams had been under the care of psychiatrists for the last six weeks of his life, certain taboo questions need to be asked and answered.

Dr Gary Kohls for GlobalNewsCentre.com

(DULUTH) On July 2, 1961, an American icon, Earnest Hemingway, committed suicide at his beloved vacation home in Ketchum, Idaho. He had just flown to Ketchum after being discharged from Mayo Clinic’s psychiatric ward where he had received a series of electroshock “treatments” for a depression that had started after he had experienced the horrors of World War I as an ambulance driver. One of his duties was to retrieve fragments of mutilated human bodies in the battle zone. He was haunted by the images of dead and bodies and dying humans for the rest of his life so there was no question that he had what was later to be understood as combat-induced posttraumatic stress disorder, with depression and insomnia. Hemingway himself had been severely wounded by shrapnel. Like many victims of combat-induced PTSD, he drank a lot of alcoholic beverages and had had a series of failed marriages, with financial problems related to the alimony payments to his ex-wives. He understood that his psychiatric ECT “treatment” had erased his memory, and he knew that his writing career, his reason for living, was over.

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