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Sri Lanka: Picturing Genocide and War Crimes

sl-mapAsk a child where a government should place a safe zone for civilians; in the middle of the war area or somewhere far from it? Now, what can government of Sri Lankan officials respond when that question is answered? There can only be one answer to this and that answer is clear intention to kill these civilians. United Nations officials from the Nobel Peace Prize nominated documentary “Sri Lanka Killing Fields” stated the same.

“We want to exchange personal experiences, Sir.”

gaza-city-bomb-afpDo American religious leaders, the secular political leaders, and the American public hear what is happening in Gaza?

Dr. James Wall Global News Centre

(CHICAGO)  The personal report that begins below, first appeared in the website, Mondoweiss. 

This report conveys the horror of war experienced by young Palestinian college students in Gaza during recent summer weeks of unrelenting and vicious attacks by Israel.

India – #Humanrightsdefender Ms #IromChanuSharmila re-arrested



Immediately and unconditionally release, and drop all charges against, Ms Irom Chanu Sharmila as it is believed that she is being held solely as a result of his legitimate and peaceful work in the defence of human rights;

William Gomes Global News Centre Human Rights Ambassador

(YORK)  Irom Chanu Sharmila has been on hunger strike since 2 November 2000 in protest against the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act of 1958 (AFSPA) which gives power to officers of the Indian Armed Forces to shoot anyone suspected of being an insurgent in so-called “disturbed areas”. 

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