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Frankenstein on the loose.


Joseph Clifford Global News Centre

Run for your lives. ISIS or ISL is rampaging in Iraq and Syria and the US government helped tremendously to create this Frankenstein. Now what do we do?

All too often Americans believe history started yesterday without ever realizing there is a cause for all things that happen. This is true of ISL or ISIS, the latest Middle East scourge to challenge the West, but it did not just pop-up out of nowhere; it evolved and was helped tremendously by US policy in the Middle East.

Elisabeth Halligan: “Stood Up For Human Rights”

Elisabeth Halligan

Global News Centre Special

I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Pediatric Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Counselor. In the course of my job duties, I came across a mom upset because she didn’t have several hundred dollars to pay for her infant son’s circumcision.

I let her know that it would be okay, that she didn’t have to have her son circumcised. I didn’t go into graphic details. I didn’t use inflammatory language. I merely let her know that she didn’t HAVE to do it. I gave her information about the proper care of an intact baby boy. That’s it.

Because of this, I have been given a five-shift unpaid leave of absence from work. Because I was put on call for last night’s shift, that means an entire paycheck lost… because I told the truth. Circumcision is not mandatory.

Labor Day, any day, count your blessings

employment_sizedWithout an income it’s almost impossible to relax and enjoy any day.  On Labor Day or any day, count your blessings if life is going well for you.

Glenn Mollette Global News Centre

(NEWBURGH, Indiana)  The average American is happy to have a paying job with the opportunity to make a little more money. Most Americans would like to work a few extra hours when they could. However, many Americans dream of retiring to fish, golf, garden, or relax. Others enjoy working so much that they never quit.
It all depends on the kind of work you do. If you are a coal miner, then retirement at 55 looks great. If the daily manual labor is not too overtaxing then many enjoy staying on the job.

Desperate Need for Water in Vanni – Appeal for Donations

vanni-water-shortageAt this hour when the Tamils are in dire straits, Dr. Velautham has been a source of solace and strength to the desperate Tamils. He has already spent a lot of time and money in Vanni and he knows the state of affairs there.

Global News Centre

(JAFFNA,Sri Lanka) It is well known that there has been little rain in the Northern province since January 2014, which has been insufficient for farming activities there. As a result, farmers have been struggling to engage in cultivation and also lost their crops due to sever drought. It is understood that drought caused by lack of rain this year is worse than the drought experienced in 2012. This year’s drought is causing immense hardship to farmers as they are unable to carry on with their farming activities and support their families. This is also forcing families to struggle for drinking water. Many wells have dried up and have become unusable. Although NP has been supplying water using browsers to many villagers, it is understood that NP is struggling to cope up with the demand due to lack of funds.

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