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The Maggots are dropping like flies: a requiem for Cardinal Sean Brady, as the papal mess falls

Cardinal Sean Brady photo courtesy: The Guardian

Cardinal Sean Brady photo courtesy: The Guardian

Forcing an eleven year old church rape victim to sign a statement that it never happened is one of the sad but necessary jobs of any catholic priest – and they all do it, or protect those who do.

Global News Centre

(NANAIMO ISLAND)  Life is tough these days for that growing constitutency known as deposed catholic hierarchs.

Ask Sean Brady. One moment he’s riding high as Ireland’s top papal cop, dining with Presidents and smiling for the cameras; then in a twinkling, he’s out on his ass, wondering what the bejazuz went wrong.

Asia Bibi appeal hearing adjourned for seventh time

bibi-asia (2)

Asia Bibi

(LAHORE) Today the appeal case of Asia Bibi adjourned for October 16, 2014.  The Court has given last chance to lawyers of the both side for final arguments.

Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender and Chief of LEAD (Legal Evangelical Assistance Development), who has recently pledged to do all he can to help free Asia Bibi, was present in the court along with his team and leading counsel of the appeal case S.K. Choudary.

Made-in-USA Ebola and ISIS: love those costumes!

isis-diseaseThose running this “disease equals a fortune and total control” show learned a lot about how to sell a pandemic from 2009 and are back again now, with same media stories of all the deaths that could happen.  But we’re in Hollywood land.  The US is even doing fake beheadings to make ISIS seem scarier and nuttier than nutty.  They’re kind of desperate to sell weapons and it depends on this hokey show.

Greg Washington for Global News Centre

(WASHINGTON DC) Who says the US has lost its manufacturing?  The US government is making lies faster than flies, and selling them globally for a fortune.

They’ve just produced two new “terrifying threats to the whole world”:  ISIS and ebola.

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