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Sri Lankan President mobbed in NY by Tamil demonstrators shouting “Your next stop is Int’l Criminal Court”

rajapaksa-protest-nyDue to this rally, Sri Lankan President avoided using the main entrance of the UN.

Global News Centre

(NEW YORK)  As Sri Lankan President was speaking at the UN General Assembly in New York, thousands of Tamils rallied outside the building protesting his troops killing of tens of thousands of Tamils and sexually assaulting and raping Tamil women.

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) organized this rally, which attracted people across United States and Canada.

What price treason?



Treason: The betraying of one’s country….
Oxford English Dictionary.

Jafar M Ramini Global News Centre

(LONDON)  I am not in the character assassination business. Nor am I prone to use emotive words and headlines to score a point, but when one’s country and the future of generations of Palestinians are at stake one should not be bashful.

I shall lay before you the facts, not the myriad of betrayals of our people and just cause for the last 100 years, but merely the last 20 years or so that you can see and judge for yourselves whether the accusation of treason that I am throwing at the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah is justified.

RE: A Musician Well Ahead of His Time, Ace Releases ‘Unleashed’


Agron Belica

Agron Belica

Tim King Global News Centre

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Agron Belica is gaining a larger audience every day with his songs about disaster and human suffering. He is ahead of his time and the world is struggling to keep up with him.

‘My Verse’ by Prof. Wilson Santos: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

My Verse

Think Your Life is Hard? Watch This Short Film.

Agron Belica Global News Centre

2014 Wolf Walk progressing across Northwest

IMG_20140923_175205Wolf advocates intend to aid North American wolf population, beleaguered by removal from Endangered Species Act.

Tim King Global News Centre

(SALEM)  Calling Mato Woksape a spiritual person is accurate, but still a tremendous understatement.  This Native American from Oregon is leading the 2014 North American Wolf Walk which began near Madras earlier this month.  He is raising awareness and building pressure on the government which he believes is collectively turning its back on one of the world’s most sacred animals.  Woksape, knows through inside circles as the Invisible Warrior, says the Wolf Walkers are on a spiritual journey to get in touch with the wild spirit of the wolf.

Tim King discusses John the Baptist with Author Agron Belica, Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar & Dr. Jay R. Crook


One of the most powerful books I’ve read —Tim King Global News Centre

Global News Centre

WHY Cotati voted NO to Fluoride in our Water


By Mark Landman, Cotati Councilman and Cotati Mayor, 2013

Global News Centre

No matter how you look at it…Power Move!!! – Agron Belica

As Cotati’s Mayor last year, I chaired the meeting in which our City Council assessed the question of fluoridation of our City’s water supply. After presentations from all sides, and much thoughtful discussion, we unanimously voted against fluoridation.



Submitted by Agron Belica Global News Centre

  • Congratulations! Your work is a breath of positive fresh air in the smog of self-absorbed negativity that pervades much of the field these days. Keep up the good work! –-Agron Belica

Fluoride: The Hidden Poison in the National Organic Standards


By Ellen and Paul Connett, Ph.D. Global News Centre

Submitted by Agron Belica

From: Pesticides and You (ISSN 0896-7253) published 4 times a year by Beyond Pesticides/National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides (NCAMP), is a voice for pesticide safety and alternatives. Headquarters: 701 E. Street, SE, Washington D.C. 20003. Ph: 202-543-5450. Email:


The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) revised rule on National Organic Standards (NOS), proposed in March 2000, was finalized in December. For the most part, the standards have been written with care and integrity. For the rest, they attracted over 40,000 comments from the public. The standards were first proposed in 1997 and included proposals to use sewage sludge, irradiation, antibiotics in livestock, and genetically modified organisms. USDA withdrew the proposal after receiving over 275,000 comments from the public– the most comments received on any US agency proposal in history.

Scholarship for a student from Gaza to study in the UK (Rana’s Story)



The Global Right to Education Project (based in LSE and other London Universities including Imperial College) helps underprivileged students, in conflict zones, to maximise their educational opportunities abroad. The vision is for students to contribute back to their communities. 

Global News Centre

(LONDON)  Rana Alshami is from Gaza and has received an offer to study a Master’s degree in Law at a top UK University: the School of Oriental and Asian Studies (SOAS) in September 2015.  Her neighbourhood of Khan Younis was directly struck during the current conflict in Gaza, and she has had to flee her home.

There is only one obstacle preventing her from fulfilling her university place; she does not have the financial means to cover the tuition fee (£16,425). Funding and bursaries are unfortunately scarce; hence she will also need an additional amount to cover her maintenance fees and travel costs (at least £7,088) which will be raised separately. We will be raising money in two phases: phase 1 (tuition fees); and phase 2 (maintenance and travel) – please see ‘Official Campaign Letter’ for details. 

Scotland Independence vote rigging exposed: smoking gun evidence of vote being rigged ?

scott-voteAs recently as Sunday, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth expressed hope that Scottish voters think very carefully about the future before voting in Thursday’s independence referendum, adding, “Well, I hope people will think very carefully about the future.”

Global News Centre

(DUNDEE)  In Dundee, a strong YES area, the count was suspended twice due to fire alarms. The turnout in the strong YES area of Dundee was 78.8%, which is lower than the 85% turnout in Scotland as a whole In Dundee, ‘Yes’ ballot papers were spotted on a ‘No’ table.

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