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From Sykes-Picot to “Degrade and Destroy”

lawrence-arabiaThe history of the Middle East from the day the Sykes-Picot agreement was signed, until the day the U.S. began bombing ISIS, is filled with lies and half-lies.

Dr. James Wall Global News Centre

(CHICAGO)   U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson spoke earlier this week in Ottawa, Canada. At one point in his  Tuesday remarks to the Canadian American Business Council, Johnson followed the current fear/hate U.S./Israel script when he said:

“ISIL is a stateless group of depraved criminals, rapists, kidnappers, killers and terrorists who control territory.  There is no religion, including Islam, and there is no God, including Allah, that would condone ISIL’s violent tactics.”

Anxious times in Palestine

abbas (2)What secret deal has been cooked up by Mr. Abbas, Israel and the USA?

Jafar M Ramini Global News Centre

(LONDON)  Have you ever felt that hollow feeling in your stomach and that buzz in your head which tells you the world is not well and the future is engulfed in darkness?  I have. Often.

That feeling was magnified yesterday morning upon the arrival of Mr. Rami Hamdallah, the Prime Minister of the new Unity Palestinian Government, into Gaza. Many questions kept brewing in my head such as why did Israel allow Mr. Hamdallah and his colleagues to go into Gaza when the last thing they want is a unified Palestinian front? 

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