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Ace-13 Film: Hijack City By Jamal Belica

Ace-13 Film: Hijack City By Jamal Belica Music Production by Sho-Down Feat. Marka & Ace Video Production by Jamal Belica By Polar Film Productions A.E.M.G. 2014

Bulldozing LTTE cemeteries and urging people to forget the war will only further alienate the Tamils and stall reconciliation

tb_project_6_kanniya_20667_435It is also a telling indictment of us as a nation that we do not have any memorials to the civilians who have died in this war, as well as in all the anti-Tamil and anti-Muslim riots that have taken place in this country.

Intro by Visvanathan

(JAFFNA TamilNet) Here is a report of how the Tamil identity is being wiped out of the Tamil Homeland. LTTE’s cemeteries are bulldozed. The Tamils are expected to forget the past and start a new life with the Sinhalese. The Tamils in the Homeland are helpless to prevent this. Even after the brutal World War II with Hitler’s Germany, the allied forces didn’t destroy any of the German cemeteries. No Tamil will ever do that either. It is only the barbaric Sinhalese could commit such inhuman acts. TNA’s hands are full with problems created by the Rajapaksa government. In spite of all that, they should take legal action to stop such criminal acts.

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