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Two ingenious advertising campaigns arouse love for mankind

love-storyForgetting everything is what makes the Alzheimer patient become a being in permanent farewell. This cruel disease robs the sufferer of his history approached from itself and requires the exclusive interpretation of others.

Clemente Ferrer Global News Centre

(MADRID)  This video is a love story. Undoubtedly the greatest love story ever told. It can be seen on YouTube under the title: “The best love story.” It is also a story of dedication and sacrifice, solidarity, of redemption and holocaust. A love story between a father and son that transcends all cultures in all ages.

To Syria and President Assad: Kobani is the answer!

kobaniAssad should start betting on the real forces on the ground , why not choose to resist? Why not turn every town and city of Syria into Kobani?

Daniel Mabsout Special to Global News Center

(BEIRUT)  For almost four years now , we are still holding the same discourse regarding Syria , and what i read – in terms of articles or posts or comments – belongs to the same category which is to defend Syria and its president saying that Syria was subject to a world conspiracy, This is good but this is not enough…

Peace? You must be kidding

gaza1fWhen will Mr. Kerry and the entire American administration realise that Israel will never, never, ever entertain any accommodation with the Palestinians at all?

Jafar M Ramini Global News Centre

(LONDON)   The dust has settled over Gaza. The stench of death mixed with sewage and rotten fruit and vegetables is filling the air. The dust will soon turn into mud when the winter rains fall over this strip of Palestine. The humming of the drones and the boom of mortar shells have been replaced by announcements and pronouncements of the Zionist government. They are back on track spewing lies that have been told over and over again for the best part of a century and have become to them and their supporters a reality.

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