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Pete Bennett Tribute: I Rocked the World and Made It Glow

Image by Luna Rodrigquez
Pete Bennett

Pete Bennett

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He brought us the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and so many more. Pete Bennett left us when we were not ready, this video tribute tells his story.

Hartford Seminary: Imam Ali Chair Voice Narration By Rev. Dr. Jonathan Lee

Hartford Seminary

Global News Centre

For more than a century, Hartford Seminary in Connecticut has been the leading graduate school in the United States for the study of Islam, Christian-Muslim relations, and interfaith dialogue. Muslim students at Hartford Seminary go on to be teachers, scholars, imams, writers, and informed ambassadors of Islam to the wider culture. Committed to the diversity of religious expression, the Seminary now aims to broaden its expertise to permanently include the study of Shi’i Islam as a core component of its teaching and research.

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