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Entertainment: Producer Diggy Diamond

Producer Diggy Diamond

Producer Diggy Diamond

Producer Diggy Diamond 

Submitted By Jamal Belica A.E.M.G.

Global News Centre 

Entertainment: Chelsea Davis – Don’t Think Twice (ORIGINAL) Produced By: Diggy Diamond

Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis – Don’t Think Twice (ORIGINAL)

Produced By Diggy Diamond

Submitted by  Jamal Belica Global News Centre

Welcome To My Gallery By Jamal Belica Of A.E.M.G.


Boss-Towns Miss Ireland With JB A.E.M.G. Studios

Twelve-year-old Jamal Belica, founder of Aldin Entertainment, is attracting even more attention with the release of one of his most ambitious videos thus far, “Welcome to My Gallery.” Featured in it are his father “Ace” and Boston poet and hip-hop artist Weegil. It is an entertaining romp where the members get together and showboat a bit. Jamal has put together a fun project for all, both for the performers and for the viewing public. Another home run, Jamal!

Jay R. Crook, Ph.D. Global News Centre

Ken O’Keefe – 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers – Tehran 2014


Submitted by Jamal Belica Global News Centre Special

Ken O’Keefe Is My Hero —JB of Aldin Entertainment Music Group

This was Ken O’Keefe’s short introduction & speech at the 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers held in Tehran, Iran from September 28-October 1, 2014. Isn’t it amazing that Iran can host such a meeting while the “freedom loving West” could never muster such a conference. Very predictably the so-called ‘Anti-defamation League’, an organisation set up to defame people, labelled the conference a “hate fest” with Ken O’Keefe and others smeared with the “anti-semite” and “conspiracy theorist” titles. O’Keefe promptly thanked the ADL on Twitter for such esteemed “honour”.

Why do we need another Tamil group?

V Sivalingam – Interim Chairman

V Sivalingam – Interim Chairman

New Tamil Diaspora Org Called ‘Non Resident Tamils Of Sri Lanka’ Formed

Global News Centre

(COLOMBO) The Tamils started off with one Umbrella Group after the Mullivaaikkal Genocide, called Global Tamil Forum (GTF) in 2009. We came from all nooks and corners of the world to inaugurate it in Paris, but now it is an organisation without an umbrella. That group is now splintered into so many groups, dividing the Tamil community into many factions. Each of them have their own idea on how the Tamil issue in Sri Lanka is to be solved.

I left my heart in West Vancouver (or was it just a triple by-pass?)


What can we say about Vancouver culture? To begin with, it’s the second most beautiful city in the world…

William Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH)  I shan’t forget the day in 1968 when my family arrived in Vancouver like pioneers, albeit by tired Lincoln rather than covered wagon. When we topped the rise above the Port Mann Bridge over the mighty Fraser, the metropolis of Greater Vancouver lay spread out before us.

“Behold,” I beheld to my sons, “Vancouver – the gem of the Western Sea. The key to the Orient. The veritable Northwest Passage, sought since Copernicus as proof of the round earth, the provenance of spices, silks and gold.”

“It’ s warm here,” said my 12-year-old, “We won’t have to play hockey.”

Announcement of new technology which solves problem millions fear everyday

CatTwo brilliant young entrepreneurs embark on aggressive Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

Global News Centre

(SWITZERLAND / USA) After years of development, Alan Elleberger and Glaudio Gloor co-founders of petTracer Ag have developed the world’s first and only ultra-light GPS cat collar which solves the fear cat owners all over the globe share – the loss of their beloved animal – and are ready to release it to the world just in time for Christmas by launching an aggressive, yet doable Indiegogo campaign.

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