Daily Archives: February 3, 2015

Edit Obamacare

US-POLITICS-OBAMA-P-TECH-SPEECHI guess I should be raving about the new Affordable Care Act. I do know people who now have free insurance, paid by taxpayers of course. They have a $6,000 deductible but after that they pay zero.

Dr. Glenn Mollette Global News Centre

(NEWBURGH, Indiana)   There are two good points to Obamacare. Insurance for Americans with preexisting conditions is vital to saving some Americans from financially drowning. Also, not dropping an individual’s health insurance because he gets sick is also crucial. Making insurance available for America’s very down and out is not a bad thing. However, this is only expanded Medicaid. Helping people to become well, productive, get off Medicaid, work a job and pay insurance premiums must be the goal of every state.

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