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Seven things Palestinians can do



The two state was a ruse developed as a modified plan of the plan of General Allon Commission (1968) to create the illusion that Zionism is compatible with peace.

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh Global News Centre

(BETHLEHEM)  In my last entry, I asked readers what should Palestinian leaders do now that the Pal Authority is clearly without authority and is becoming bankrupt and Oslo process was shown a scam and can never lead to peace. 112 individual readers responded and not one said to stay the course.  Sumud (persistence on our land including education etc) is a given. All wanted change. Here are the seven most common answers (they add up to more than 112 because some individuals suggested more than one thing) followed by example specific answers.

Global News Centre Human Rights Ambassador asks Thailand to immediately and unconditionally release Pianrat Boonrit


Pianrat Boonrit

“I express my concern at the detention of Pianrat Boonrit, which I believe to be directly linked to his legitimate and peaceful human rights activities.”

William Gomes Global News Centre Human Rights Ambassador

(LONDON)  A Human Rights Defender in Thailand, Mr Pianrat Boonrit, has been unlawfully detained for an indefinite period, held incommunicado, due to his efforts with the Southern Peasants’ Federation of Thailand – SPFT (Southern Peasant Cooperatives), a network formed in 2008 to campaign for the right to agricultural land in the Khlong Sai Pattana community in Chaiburi District, Surat Thani Province and other areas in the region.

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