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Century of the photon



 “The 21st century will be the century of the photon – much of the 20th century was the century of the electron.” – Vivvuds Beldavs

Edsel Chromie Global News Centre

(SAN DIEGO)  I think there are several inconsistencies in the current explanation of photons.  The most inconsistent to me is the belief that a photon emitted from the Sun travels invisibly 600 million miles through open and black outer space and then reflects visible bright light from particles of ice and dust from a comet and the rings of Saturn.  The explanation for the reason the photons of light cannot be seen in open space is that there aren’t any gases and particles in open space from which to reflect sunlight.  However, a photon of light is itself a visible light that should be very clearly seen in open space without the necessity of reflecting off of anything. The belief that it is sunlight reflecting from particles of ice and dust sublimated  from a comet nucleus means that the photon of light reflects very brightly from particles from a surface the scientists in Darmstadt, Germany described as “Blacker than black coal; like black velvet.  The blackest paint we manufacture on Earth reflects more light.”

Global News Centre Human Rights Ambassador asked to quash sentences in Egypt

egypt-flagTwo year prison sentences issued against Mahienour El-Masry, Youssef Shabaan, and Mohamed Ramadan, and release Loay Mohamed AbdelRahman.

William Gomes Global News Centre Human Rights Ambassador

(LONDON)  Four human rights defenders in Egypt were convicted of “raiding El Raml Police Station”, “attacking a police man” and other reportedly fabricated charges relating to “disrupting traffic”, “damaging content of the Police Station”, “spreading fear and terror among citizens” and “an attempt to smuggle prisoners according to Police Report No 6868 for 2014, Al Raml Misdemeanour.

In reality, the charges arose out of their participation in March 2012 in a sit-in staged at the First Raml Police Station.

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