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New book by Sheree Evans focuses on connection between Glioblastoma and Agent Orange

sheree-coverSheree Evans has written her first book, which recalls the story of her husband Tommy, and many other vets and their families, all impacted by Glioblastoma and similar illnesses that the U.S. government has fought to avoid responsibility for.

Tim King – Salem Insider

(SPRINGFIELD)  I spent the summer of 2013 riding my motorcycle coast to coast, giving talks about serious health issues that face American veterans.  The ride, called “Operation Red Dragonfly,” was organized by a widow in Missouri named Sheree Evans, who goes by the nickname of Tiger.

As I covered more than 11,000 miles in roughly two and a half months, Tiger helped me gain access to many vets who live in the dark with regard to serious  I spoke to veteran-oriented audiences all over the US about health hazards they face from serving in uniform.  These include contamination from cancer-causing military base toxins, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, and Agent Orange, a chemical defoilant sprayed over the jungles of Vietnam during the US war there.

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