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On extinction level events, and other abstractions: a eulogy of love



Here in the West, we don’t know anything about death and passing, except how to fear it. But the best moments for me have come at deathbeds and funerals, simply because the totality is suddenly there, as well as a deep and very sweet cherishing of every breath we the living can still draw.

Kevin D. Annett Global News Centre

(NAINAMO)  Nobody can think globally, any more than one can seriously imagine one’s own death. And so when Fukushima exploded four years ago and as our skies and oceans became laced with toxicity, none of it seemed as real as the trivialities of my life.

Basically, I tried not to think about what lay across the waters. And so even now, as we are being slowly radiated to death in what has become an obvious Extinction Level Event, our planetary fate remains abstract to ourselves: more important than the trivialities, of course, but not more real. And being human, I guess I’m not unusual in that way.

Jade Helm: is the end-game martial law and detention of veterans and others?



Jade Helm 15 has generated widespread internet and alternative media concerns of U.S. troops conducting an unconventional warfare exercise in towns, some in civilian clothing and armed, in the Southwest and maybe across the U.S.

Robert O’Dowd Global News Centre

(SALEM)  Dismissed as a hoax by the Army, the fears of ordinary patriotic Americans have not been dampened by the Army’s public relations presentations.

Americans support our troops but the use of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command and service members from the military’s four branches to conduct an unconventional warfare exercise over 8-weeks across multiple states for the purpose of realistic training troops for deployment in foreign environments makes no sense unless the plan is to use these troops for real within the sovereign fifty United States.

Holocaust of death and addiction to prescription opioids can worsen and will — how?



References in the National Pain Strategy are of major concern as every state in the country fights a national health crisis of addiction and death to prescription opioids.

Marianne Skolek Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH)   There is a published report entitled the “National Pain Strategy – A Comprehensive Population Health-Level Strategy for Pain.”  Here is the link to the report   http://iprcc.nih.gov/National_Pain_Strategy/NPS_Main.htm  This pain strategy is being considered for implementation by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Division of the government.  The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as well as Medicaid report to the HHS.  Public comments will be considered by the HHS on the pain strategy, but what is it that is so concerning about this “pain strategy”?

Gaza Strong!!!: International Youth Project 4 Gaza & Celebrities for Palestine 2015


I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people —Maya Angelou

Angelou’s passion for equality, tolerance and peace naturally placed her on the same path as the Palestinian people’s quest for freedom. In the video below, recorded in 2006, she reads out an email from American peace activist Rachel Corrie in which Corrie shares her thoughts on the struggle for justice. Maya Aneglou Reads Rachel Corrie’s Email

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