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Unrelenting, Live from New York: Exclusive MNN TV Interview with Kevin Annett (March 31, 2016)

Kevin Annett

Nobel Peace Prize nominee and “banned Canadian” Rev. Kevin Annett is interviewed by veteran civil rights leader Colia Clark from New York City’s MNN TV. This exclusive March 31 interview features Kevin discussing one of his recently published books “Unrelenting: Between Sodom and Zion” in which he describes his valiant and successful twenty year struggle to expose and prosecute genocide and child murder in Canada by church and state. See also To order Unrelenting see . Posted 8 April, 2016.

Why is the death toll to prescription opioids and heroin raging out of control?

drug.jpg w=570The FDA approved OxyContin for children using the maker of the killer drug, Purdue Pharma’s own research studies.  They did not find it necessary to conduct their own studies.

Marianne Skolek Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH) In the fourteen years I began exposing the criminal activity of the FDA, pharma, pain foundations and physicians funded by pharma, U.S. Senators profiting from pharma, as well as pill mill doctors, I have become more and more frustrated.  A few weeks ago, I received a message telling me in no uncertain terms to “back off” and stick to “advocacy”.  First, I don’t back down to anyone and I don’t advocate.  This country is drowning in advocates as this epidemic claims a generation of our young people — I put out facts and hope people will educate themselves on why this epidemic will only worsen.  Here are some examples of why addictions and deaths will increase rather than decrease in the coming years:

John the Baptist: The Black Prophet: “HE LIVES”

John the Baptist: The Black Prophet


The Revival of Chief Yahya by Ace Knight


[HumanRights] Joy of planting

Mazin Qumsiye Global News Centre

When we are engaged in planting we feel great. This is because we are
connecting to our core as human beings. We invented agriculture here in the
Fertile Crescent some 12,000 years ago and since then this has entered our
deepest psyche (who does not love to have their own garden). But the joy of
planting is also true whether it is planting seeds for plants via digging
or planting seeds of hope via action or seeds of knowledge via education or
seeds of freedom via resistance or seeds of peace via justice.

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