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The First Lady Of Arabic Hip Hop Feat. M1 (Dead Prez): Intro By Ahmed Zaqout

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Shadia Mansour & M1 (Dead Prez)

Dominga Luna Global News Centre

Submitted By Jamal Belica

The First Lady Of Arabic Hip Hop Feat. M1 (Dead Prez): Intro Ahmed Zaqout
Video Remix by Jamal Belica/ A.E.M.G.
Featuring Ahmed Zaqout/Gaza City
Project Organized and Directed by Luna Dominga/IYP4G
Hijacked Media Film/Ace Knight 2015

Gaza Strong: Dedicated to the youth of Gaza/TJP


Agron “Ace” Belica Global News Centre


Jamal Belica with Ken O’Keefe TJP!

This film was inspired by the facebook group “Celebrities for Palestine.”  These well-known performers in the world of entertainment are to be congratulated for their courage in supporting this cause. At the same time, there are many others, not so famous to the general public, working to right the wrongs inflicted upon the people of Palestine, such as Ken O’Keefe, Gilad Azmon, Dr. Jay R. Crook, Tim King, Anna O’Leary, Harry Fear, Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, Dr. Ismail Salami,, Joe Clifford, Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, Lisa Spaulding, Wen Clay, Nahida Izzat, the martyred Vittorio Arrigoni and Rachel Corrie, et al.

Gaza Strong!!!: International Youth Project 4 Gaza & Celebrities for Palestine 2015


I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people —Maya Angelou

Angelou’s passion for equality, tolerance and peace naturally placed her on the same path as the Palestinian people’s quest for freedom. In the video below, recorded in 2006, she reads out an email from American peace activist Rachel Corrie in which Corrie shares her thoughts on the struggle for justice. Maya Aneglou Reads Rachel Corrie’s Email

John the Baptist/Prophet Yahya Islam: feat. The Spiritual Beast


Global News Centre

Submitted by Precious X

Countless works have been published pertaining to the false crucifixion of the son of Mary by Muslims, yet the false beheading of the son of Zechariah is largely ignored. Why?  —Agron Belica 

After Banksy – Parkour in Gaza


 Dominga Luna Global News Centre 

International Youth Project 4 Gaza

I want to show this video to the world and share with you this comment I just received:

Gaza Parkour: Welcome 2 My Gallery By Jamal Belica

A collaboration between young people and activists in the United States and young people in Gaza. Amazing.

Denny Cormier  Gaza

[Blunts&Barrels] Emerge Mc – Differnt Breed Freestyle S.1 Ep.6



Threekey Entertainment presents the [Blunts&Barrells] series. This is emerges 2nd showing in less than 2 weeks and he says there is more to come so keep up! All videos uploaded under [Blunts&Barrells] will be an artists first chance to appear on Threekey Entermainments platform. If you would like the opportunity to appear in the [Blunts&Barrells] series please contact:

Submitted By Jamal Belica (TJP)

Global News Centre



Queen Belica

Jay R. Crook, Ph.D.   Global News Centre

“Canim anam” (My life, my mother) gives us a rare, intimate view of an ancient custom: the ceremonial washing of the feet of someone one respects. When the feet being washed belong to a parent—in this case the mother—it embodies both respect and love, amply evident in this family video. In it, the matriarch of the Belica family is surrounded by family members, both past and present. When her son Agron washes her feet, it is a ritual validation of the strength of their family ties. It is both refreshing and thought-provoking to watch this ceremony in an era in which family cohesion and values are under attack from all sides.

Welcome To My Gallery By Jamal Belica Of A.E.M.G.


Boss-Towns Miss Ireland With JB A.E.M.G. Studios

Twelve-year-old Jamal Belica, founder of Aldin Entertainment, is attracting even more attention with the release of one of his most ambitious videos thus far, “Welcome to My Gallery.” Featured in it are his father “Ace” and Boston poet and hip-hop artist Weegil. It is an entertaining romp where the members get together and showboat a bit. Jamal has put together a fun project for all, both for the performers and for the viewing public. Another home run, Jamal!

Jay R. Crook, Ph.D. Global News Centre

(Video) Selamin Belica II: “We Love You Babi” By Jamal Belica


Jay R. Crook, Ph.D. Global News Centre

A year ago yesterday, the patriarch of the Belica family, Selamin, passed away. To commemorate this sad occasion, his grandson Jamal has put together a video celebrating his life of work and love for his family. It begins with a prayer and blessing offered by Prof. Ayoub for Selamin and those who loved him, for whom his departure is still an open wound. Through this memorial video, we invite you to share in our family’s remembrance of him.

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