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Kevin Annett reads from his latest book… Samuel Wedge: Memoir of Necropolis

samuel_wedge-222x300Nobel Prize Nominee Kevin Annett reads from his new book, Samuel Wedge: Memoir of Necropolis.

Global News Centre

Check out this excerpt from the just released novel “Samuel Wedge: Memoir of Necropolis” (Author House, 2015) is read by its author, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Rev. Kevin Annett.Kevin also announces the launching of his new weekly public affairs blog radio program Radio Free Kanata on Sunday, March 1, 2015 (6 pm eastern time).

Columnist Glenn Mollette authors eleventh book, “Grandpa’s Store “

glenn-new-bookGrandpa’s Store may be purchased at Amazon.com or ask your local bookstore to order for you.

Global News Centre

(NEW YORK)  National columnist Glenn Mollette authors his eleventh book. His recent endeavor is titled, “Grandpa’s Store, A Reflection of My Childhood,”  Published by Johnny House Press, an imprint of Liberty Torch Press in Newburgh, Indiana.

Gilad Atzmon’s memorable, epic appearance in Portland


Tim King and Gilad Atzmon last week in Portland.

Gilad is making the trip to Portland, Oregon every six months, providing an opportunity for local residents to hear his burning words of unflinching truth, and to catch some of the most wickedly cool jazz sax imaginable.

Tim King Global News Centre

(PORTLAND)  Noted author, journalist and musician, Gilad Atzmon made it to Portland again, and this visit was as rich, colorful and politically stimulating as it gets.  I strongly recommend checking out his next appearance, it makes for an unforgettable night.

Hands across the toxins… Of British Petroleum, British Columbia and The Salmon Derby



 I’m lucky to live here in British Columbia where the waters are free from oil rigs and pipelines.
– Carin Bondar
Lucky Vancouver writer 

William Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH)  Carin Bondar, a worried but reconciled Vancouver writer, supports the view of the David Suzuki Foundation, from whence the founder and namesake has recently retired, presumably to spend more time with non-GMOs. And sick and tired, I understand, of banging his head against the conservative, anti-tree-hugging  establishment.

Scott M. Fishman, MD profiteer in “responsible opioid prescribing” guide book and “responsible for opioid addictions and death”??


Scott Fishman MD (See Fed Up flyer below)

Dr. Fishman’s further attempts to influence the medical profession and downplay the word “addiction” from 2007 until 2012? 

Marianne Skolek Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH)  I have been writing articles over the years on the prescription opioid/heroin epidemic crippling the U.S. and Canada and the contributing factors involved. These factors are the physicians paid by the pharmaceutical industry to write books and speak directly to the medical profession downplaying the long term use of opioids for chronic pain.

The Mindlessness of a Manifesto

flag-upsidedown“Evil knows no morality; it savors no regard for the weak or oppressed; it admits no rights but those it imposes; it condemns those who dissent without regard for evidence or truth…” – Franz Kafka

William A. Cook Global News Centre

(LAVERNE) “A liberal world order, like any world order, is something that is imposed, and as much as we in the West might wish it to be imposed by superior virtue, it is generally imposed by superior power(“Superpowers Don’t Get to Retire: What Our Tired Country Still Owes the World,” Robert Kagan, Brookings Institute. May 26, 2014). 

Veterans Defy Barriers in Salt Lake City

Rick Miller, Robert O’Dowd and Tim King at the Great Salt Lak

Rick Miller, Robert O’Dowd and Tim King at the Great Salt Lak

Co-authors of Betrayal: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-up travel to Salt Lake City, Utah to share information that will help save Veteran’s lives.

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