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A bi-polar critique: across the river and into the trees… A Farewell To Hemingway

Ernest HemingwayAnd even madmen manage to convey

                Unwelcome truths in lonely gibberish…

                                                  - W.H. Auden – The Quest  

William Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH)   We all grew up in a culture that doted on Ernest Hemingway. Even before I cleared English 101, my father was a Hemingway fan, praising his crisp, simple diction, his avoidance of adverbs and verbose construction, his nouveau Parisian cool, his he-man take on guns, women and courage.  Check it out (from his final novel, Across the River and Into the Trees):

“He saw the girl watching him and he smiled at her. It was an old smile that he had been using for fifty years, ever since he first smiled…”

Palestine is not the Jews’ promised land

egypt-knew-no-pharaohs-nor-israelites-new-cover-art-2“Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites” … this is not a hypothesis nor a claim. It is the naked truth we have been blind to for two thousand years”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat Global News Centre

(ALEXANDRIA)  Having finished my first ebook, a lengthy process that has taken two years of scholarly research and field work, I have the pleasure to resume my contribution to Pyramidion website in a series of articles expounding over the book.

The book’s title is (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites). It is a kind of investigative research that digs deep into the ancient history of Egypt and Israel. I know that the mere mention of ‘ancient history’ will be a turn off for many of you. But bear with here, for what is about to be revealed in my ebook is the ugly truth about the Israelites’ and their ancient deception.

Banking on the banksters… the leveraged buyout of America

Greed-0987I never saw a city boy yet who was worth a damn.  – Ernest Hemingway

William Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH)  Ellen Hodgson Brown, a West Coast writer with a law degree, or perhaps more accurately, an attorney who likes to write in order to right, is one of the few people around who talks sense about banksters in general, central banking in particular and the international excuse for both that prevails these days.

She talks about the leveraged buyout of America, how giant “bancorps,” as they like to style themselves, perhaps because it sounds so  new-worldy cool, have gluttonized to the point where they own just about everything private and public: airports and other ports, acres of green plants and even larger power plants, mammoth inventories of financial “products” including derivatives and commodities, relating to everything from plutonium  to sowbellies. In a word, they are systematically picking up all the honey bee chips, and with them total control of the economy itself.

Ashraf Ezzat’s new ebook “Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites” published on Kindle

ashraf-bookGet ready to think the unthinkable and imagine the never thought imaginable, for if Egypt knew no Pharaohs then it goes without saying that Egypt never Knew Moses either. And if Moses never set foot in Egypt, then The Exodus’ road map into the Promised Land has to be redrawn.

Global News Centre

(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt)  No matter who you are, no matter what you do and no matter what your beliefs are this book is bound to change your view on life. Peel away a two-thousand-year deception and get ready to meet the truth, brace yourself for a rare encounter that will set you free.

Kevin Annett reads from his latest book… Samuel Wedge: Memoir of Necropolis

samuel_wedge-222x300Nobel Prize Nominee Kevin Annett reads from his new book, Samuel Wedge: Memoir of Necropolis.

Global News Centre

Check out this excerpt from the just released novel “Samuel Wedge: Memoir of Necropolis” (Author House, 2015) is read by its author, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Rev. Kevin Annett.Kevin also announces the launching of his new weekly public affairs blog radio program Radio Free Kanata on Sunday, March 1, 2015 (6 pm eastern time).

Columnist Glenn Mollette authors eleventh book, “Grandpa’s Store “

glenn-new-bookGrandpa’s Store may be purchased at Amazon.com or ask your local bookstore to order for you.

Global News Centre

(NEW YORK)  National columnist Glenn Mollette authors his eleventh book. His recent endeavor is titled, “Grandpa’s Store, A Reflection of My Childhood,”  Published by Johnny House Press, an imprint of Liberty Torch Press in Newburgh, Indiana.

Gilad Atzmon’s memorable, epic appearance in Portland


Tim King and Gilad Atzmon last week in Portland.

Gilad is making the trip to Portland, Oregon every six months, providing an opportunity for local residents to hear his burning words of unflinching truth, and to catch some of the most wickedly cool jazz sax imaginable.

Tim King Global News Centre

(PORTLAND)  Noted author, journalist and musician, Gilad Atzmon made it to Portland again, and this visit was as rich, colorful and politically stimulating as it gets.  I strongly recommend checking out his next appearance, it makes for an unforgettable night.

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