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Genocide, Our Crime of No Consequence: (Some thoughts on what comes next)



Richard III was King of England, and there he has the advantage over me. But he was a hunchback, and there I have the advantage over him. – Mark Twain

Kevin Annett Global News Centre

The Great Obfuscation Carries On…

(VANCOUVER ISLAND) Children who are routinely raped and tortured don’t smile, despite the blank grimace they must don for official photographs. That’s why I knew the just-released books I came across yesterday on a Vancouver news stand were not simply bullshit, but well crafted ones, complete with front cover images of cheery-faced, well groomed youths. But since the books had to do with Indian residential schools, the lie is not only acceptable, but required now more than ever, here in Canada.

Common Law Militias to shut down child sacrificial rituals

itccs (3)Instructions for all Direct Action Units of The International Common Law Court of Justice.

Global News Centre

(MONTREAL/DUBLIN)  The urgent need to stop the ritual slaughter, rape and trafficking of children, and the refusal of regular police to do so, has compelled the Court to issue a call for a citizens’ militia to halt these crimes. Rituals of the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult scheduled for August 15 at Catholic cathedrals in Montreal and Dublin will be stopped by special Direct Action Units (DAU’s).

How I chucked law school… Manitoba: The Contrarian Years

University Of Manitoba. Photo courtesy: www.cjob.com

University Of Manitoba. Photo courtesy: www.cjob.com

An enlightened man? He bought more books than he could afford. - Dr. Albert Trueman

Bill Annett Global News Centre

I’ve often thought of my four years at U. of M – almost 70 years ago – either as contrarian or simply going the wrong way, depending on your perception. In the first place, the deal was, selon my father, you go to law school and thereby you go straight, obviating the necessity of being a damn writer all your life. Even then I’d had rejection slips and I’d watched Perry Mason, so I agreed. I started with good intentions, but how I got sidetracked is the substance of what I have to tell you.

Ritual sacrifice of Irish babies?

Rev. Kevin Annett

Rev. Kevin Annett

Breaking Interview with Kevin Annett…

(BRUSSELS) Irish babies’ remains bear signs of ritual sacrifice; George Soros and royalty “hunting children”; Direct Action Units to shut down upcoming Ninth Circle ritual slaying of children in Dublin and Montreal.

Breaking News from the Trial of Pope Francis issued by the Citizen Prosecutors’ Office, Brussels

itccs (3)In this Report:

•    Irish babies may have been ritually murdered : New eyewitnesses in Ireland and Holland describe more Ninth Circle killings, name George Soros, Prince Friso and Dutch Prime Minister

•    Direct Action Units prepare to shut down Ninth Circle rituals at Montreal and Dublin churches 

•    Canadian common law courts convene under the authority of a new Republic

•    Child rape not a crime in Catholicism: Archbishop’s admission to American court is a wake up call to why it all must end  Tuam, Ireland and Brussels:

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