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Scientists are finally on track



Since 1979 the experts consistently told me that magnetic fields were so weak that they were totally irrelevant.  Now they finally recognize that it is the most powerful force in the solar system.

Edsel Chromie Global News Centre

(SAN DIEGO)  The scientists have not been reporting much for me to comment on until the very pleasing recent Science program “How the Universe Works; Mega Flares.”  Copyrighted in 2012 and broadcast on Nov. 11, 2014. You would think I wrote the script for the program; it stated: “Solar flares.  These are the biggest explosions in the solar system yet the force behind them is simple; Magnetism.  The Sun has an immense magnetic field.  The energy stored in this field powers solar flares.  Vast loops of magnetic force push towards the surface.  Huge magnetic arches rise out into outer space.  When two field lines cross it triggers a magnetic short circuit.  This is a solar flare.  All of the energy trapped in the magnetic field blasts out at a hundred million degrees.  It can hurl hot gas a billion miles out into space:  An eruption ten million times more powerful than a volcano. The same force that powers a simple compass fuels the biggest explosions in the solar  system.”

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