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“Pope Francis” to curtail his American visit after catholic child trafficking event is targeted for disruption

ninth-circle-pope“World Meeting of the Family” in Philadelphia is a clearing house for in-house child rapists and killers. (Tune in for a special broadcast on this expose on Sunday September 13 at 6 pm eastern on www.bbsradio.com/radiofreekanata)

Global News Centre

(PHILADELPHIA)  A planned disruption of a notorious child trafficking event in Philadelphia on September 26 has forced Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, to cut short his upcoming “diplomatic visit” to the United States, according to sources in the Vatican.

Vicky Sepass: My role in her death, and my own

P_UHzQRk2-bOfFfdPc4XhH3EJ66VkYi8tohgZZKrF11s6J527AZ15qy3mvknRvF54VYNygZFEEFhh6XsvrxGZ4vrj-4k-bCKghaHVF5Ro-qUrDSSC3w=s0-d-e1-ftKevin Annett recounts the deliberate torture and starving to death of 9 year old Vicky Sepass at the United Church Indian residential school in Port Alberni.

Kevin Annett Global News Centre

(NAINAMO ISLAND)  She was slightly older than me, but we would have been in the same grade in United Church Sunday school class, which we both attended as children. Every worship day, I wore a proper suit and tie and clutched my white offering envelope in which a single Canadian dollar would help fill the coffers of what the United Church still calls its “Mission and Service Fund”. But Vicky Sepass wore a shabby grey uniform and had nothing to put in the plate on Sundays, for she herself was the offering.

US: Ask Malaysia to prevent trafficking, protect survivors, and investigate and prosecute violators

kerry_543The Malaysian government has an opportunity to prove its commitment to end trafficking by making measurable improvements in its anti-trafficking response. However, external pressure will be critical to ensure progress takes place.

William Nicholas Gomes, Global News Centre Human Rights Ambassador

(LONDON)  Senator John Kerry’s upcoming trip to Malaysia presents the opportunity to make clear to the government that progress in multiple areas related to combating trafficking is essential.  Human rights advocates are urging the US politician to press the government both publicly and privately to make concerted and measurable changes to prevent trafficking; protect survivors; and systematically investigate and prosecute those who violate the Malaysian anti-trafficking laws.

The Weekly Voice of the Republic is officially launched


Rev. Kevin Annett

First Broadcast of Radio Free Kanata a “thrilling new start”.

Global News Centre

(NANAIMO, Vancouver Island)   A Manitoba farmer, an Algonquin native woman, and host Kevin Annett took to the airwaves yesterday to inaugurate the official Voice of the Republic of Kanata: Radio Free Kanata.

“I was captivated. Thank you! What a thrilling new start to the taking back of our country!” wrote one listener from the west coast.

The first program featured Theresa Harrison and Katie Stoqua describing their efforts to establish the Republic under common law, and expose deadly crimes and fraud by the “Canadian” government and its churches.

NY TImes: Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority grows impatient with just promises

tamil-uphillSri Lanka’s Tamil Minority Grows Impatient With Just Promises

Visvanathan Global News Centre

(CHENNAI)  The New York Times article is one of the finest I have ever read from the Western media, and definitely from the Indian media which keeps the Indian public ignorant of all the inhuman crimes committed against the Tamils by the Sinhalese during the last 67 years. It is a good eye opener for most of the Westerner.

The SL army grabs Tamil lands and sets up security camps in which they run farms and bring in Sinhalese from the South to settle. The military sets up,hotels, golf courses, swimming pools for their own pleasure. The food in the hotels are supplied by the Military canteens and the soldiers sell their vegetables in the market. How do you expect the Tamil public to compete with these soldiers, whose overheads are zero?

While the Sinhalese good life goes on in the Tamil Homeland, the Tamils suffer from the pain of missing kith and kin and their lost lands. Every Tamil family has lost a member during the war, but they still insist they want their lands back. Manguladevi Rasamanikam, 60, who now lives in a more squalid area than the refugee camp she left earlier said simply: “This is our land.”

Father of gang-raped Christian girls demands justice for his daughters

Ilyas Masih, Father of gang-raped Christian girls Sherish and Farzana takes on the rapists with help of BPCA and LEAD.

Ilyas Masih, Father of gang-raped Christian girls Sherish and Farzana takes on the rapists with help of BPCA and LEAD.

The girls were reportedly taken to a home and repeatedly gang-raped, beaten and abused, turn by turn the whole night.

Mushtaq Gill Special to Global News Centre

(LAHORE)  On 9 March, 2015, Ilyas Masih, father of two gang-raped underage Catholic girls, came to meet Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender and High Court Advocate for free legal assistance to challenge the grant of bail that saw two rapists set free and for trial of the two cases.    The meeting transpired after British Pakistani Christian Association Chairman, Wilson Chowdhry, approached Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender and Chief of the Legal Evangelical Development Association (LEAD) on behalf of two Christian under age girls. Mr Chowdhry expressed his desire to push for justice for the girls who were beaten, spat upon and had their faith mocked during one of the most brutal rape ordeals in Pakistan (click here).

From child killing to union busting: business as usual in the United Church of Canada

5385338a35734.imageJanet McDonald (the United Church staffer) went into a rage … I asked if she was threatening us and she said, “I’ll do more than threaten you” and she came at me with a closed fist ready to strike me in the head. I suppose this is the Christian thing to do. She then grabbed our 10 x 10 shade tent and threw it out onto the road where it broke. – striking CUPE union member, United Church Naramata Centre, Kelowna, September 28, 2014

Kevin D. Annett Global News Centre

(NANAIMO, Vancouver Island)  The place bears what once was a fond memory for me: that sunny May afternoon at the Naramata Centre, back in 1990, when I was ordained into the ranks of complicity as a United Church clergyman. The place is really beautiful, as befits a hang out for comfy and chubby church goers: serene parkland on the shores of lovely Lake Okanagan, far away from aboriginal lawsuits, mass graves of brown kids and bad vibes. But things aren’t especially lovely these days for the union members who work at the Naramata Centre, who’ve been locked out by the officially “justice loving” United Church of Canada because of the latter’s desire to cut costs by contracting out their jobs.

Criminal UK government trashes Nuremberg Code: attempts to force most dangerous treatment on child

Ashya-King_and_mot_3020644bAshya King’s parents banned from seeing him as part of ‘inhuman’ treatment

David Stone for Global News Centre

(LONDON) Why is it so important that Ashya King receive the most dangerous treatment choice?

.. understand the behaviour of the British authorities towards the family of Ashya King. ‘Here is a child with a tumour known as medulloblastoma… long term.’ Read more: Why is it so important that Ashya King receive the most dangerous treatment choice? … Continue…  Posted in: Corporate Crime Coverups Illuminati Criminals Medical/Health Tagged: ashya king chemotherapy NHS Poison police state radiotherapy side effects Toxins

Tamil woman raped by Sri Lankan soldiers to be deported

sri-lanka-flgWeeks after William Hague’s summit on sexual violence in conflict, the British government is to deport a Tamil woman back to Sri Lanka, despite claims she was repeatedly raped by Sri Lankan soldiers.

Channel 4 News

(LONDON) The Tamil woman came to the UK in 2010, soon after the end of the country’s civil war, and says that she was repeatedly raped while held in detention by Sri Lankan soldiers before she left the country.

Despite serious concerns that she is at risk of rape at the hands of authorities if she is forcibly returned to Sri Lanka, because of her previous involvement in the LTTE rebel group and her previous abuse, her application for asylum has been turned down.

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