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Proud Boys: Trump’s Misogynistic, Anti-American Gang Bangers

Man at anti-immigration rally stands against ANTIFA

Sad men who beat up girls while exploiting white privilege, proud of what?

Tim King Global News Centre

Angry, mostly white protesters flooded the area around the Oregon state capital Saturday for an anti-immigration protest. Many are from a gang called “Proud Boys”. Before it was over, one person opposing the group’s Trump inspired hate tactics; a man standing alone in opposition to the rally, was physically contacted by a Proud Boys member. The anti-fascist ejected the proud boy from his space, then others brought me to the ground, and stomped my hands as I tried to recover the lone opposition activist’s camera. Oregon State Police and Salem officers separated everyone in the scuffle and restored calm.

Carole Lombard’s fiery deadly plane crash happened 75 years ago

Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard died during a war bonds tour in 1942.

Tim King Global News Centre

(SALEM)  January 16th marks the 75th anniversary of the night Hollywood actress Carole Lombard lost her life in a mysterious, tragic plane crash southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. A Transcontinental Western Airlines (TWA) Douglas DC-3 slammed into a mountain about 35 miles from Vegas, taking with it, Lombard, her mother, press agent and passengers including 15 US servicemen. Nobody ever figured out what happened.

Legacy of War

Beryl & James Burrowes

Beryl & James Burrowes

When I reflect on war, I think of my uncles and great uncles, and my father and mother (both veterans of World War II) and I know what I want to do.

Robert J. Burrowes Global News Centre

(TASMANIA)   As the world continues to engage in various commemorations in relation to World War I, Australia approaches the centenary anniversary of a defining event in the nation’s history: ANZAC Day. On 25 April 1915, and for many days after, Australia suffered savage losses at Gallipoli in Turkey.

A bi-polar critique: across the river and into the trees… A Farewell To Hemingway

Ernest HemingwayAnd even madmen manage to convey

                Unwelcome truths in lonely gibberish…

                                                  - W.H. Auden – The Quest  

William Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH)   We all grew up in a culture that doted on Ernest Hemingway. Even before I cleared English 101, my father was a Hemingway fan, praising his crisp, simple diction, his avoidance of adverbs and verbose construction, his nouveau Parisian cool, his he-man take on guns, women and courage.  Check it out (from his final novel, Across the River and Into the Trees):

“He saw the girl watching him and he smiled at her. It was an old smile that he had been using for fifty years, ever since he first smiled…”

The Pentagon is getting the Bible Belt (and the rest of us) comfortable with Police State militarism this summer

jade-helm-mapDevelopments in U.S. have startling similarities to the history of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Gary G. Kohls, MD for Global News Centre

(DULUTH) To all peace and justice activists and others who are justifiably suspicious of the Deep State, the highly profitable military/industrial complex and its weapons industries,  please read the attached PDF and then alert others who need to know this information.

The US Army SOC (special operation command) tries to soften the blow somewhat by mentioning that $150,000 of national taxpayer dollars will be infused into the “local” economy, but the document doesn’t say if that amount will go to each locality where the war games will be conducted.

Netanyahu’s calls for Jews to flee Europe are rebuffed, called “posthumous victory” for Hitler



Jewish reaction to calls to emigrate to Israel have been swift and almost uniformly critical.

Allan Brownfeld Global News Centre

(WASHINGTON DC)   In the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels and Copenhagen, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called upon Jews to flee to Israel.

After the attack in Paris, he traveled to France and urged French Jews to abandon their country and emigrate to Israel, which he called their “real home.”  When terror struck in Copenhagen, Netanyahu called upon Danish Jews—-and Jews throughout Europe, to leave their homes and come to Israel.

70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau

holocaustKL Auschwitz I and KL Auschwitz II-Birkennau are now maintained as museums open to the public.

Ralph E. Stone Global News Centre

(SAN FRANCISCO)  January marks the 70 anniversary of of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.  We have seen newsreels of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps at the end of WW II and a number of movies depicting the horrors of the Holocaust. However, newsreels and movies did not really prepare us for an actual visit to the site of the largest mass murder in history. As many as 1.5 million were murdered at Auschwitz, mainly Polish Jews, but also Soviet prisoners-of-war, Gypsies, Czechs, Yugoslavs, French, Austrians, and Germans.  

Duty to Warn Unwelcome Truths for Church and State Concerning the Bombing of Nagasaki August 9, 1945

http://my.execpc.com/~kmknapp/images/ruins-nagasaki.jpg   “An irradiated crucifix lies in the ruins of the Urakami Cathedral Following the Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki”

“An irradiated crucifix lies in the ruins of the Urakami Cathedral Following the Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki” – Courtesy: http://my.execpc.com/~kmknapp/images/ruins-nagasaki.jpg

Hopefully this essay will promote discussions in this so-called “Christian” nation about the ethics of making murder for the state (and its corporations) while simultaneously – and illogically – professing allegiance to the teachings of the nonviolent Jesus.

Gary G. Kohls, MD  Global News Centre Guest Columnist

(WASHINGTON DC)  69 years ago an all-Christian bomber crew dropped “Fat Man”, a plutonium bomb, on Nagasaki, Japan, instantly annihilating tens of thousands of innocent civilians, a disproportionate number of them Japanese Christians, and permanently or mortally wounding uncountable numbers of others.

In 1945, the US was the most Christian nation in the world (that is, if you can label as Christian a nation whose churches overwhelmingly fail to sincerely teach or adhere to the ethics of Jesus as taught in the Sermon on the Mount).

The Hiroshima Myth and the Glorification of American Militarism



The historically-illiterate Americans are prevented, again and again, from learning “unpatriotic” historical truths that might shake our confidence in the ruling elite, the Pentagon and the conscienceless multinational corporations that control our politicians and the stock market.

Gary G. Kohls, MD  Global News Centre Guest Columnist

(WASHINGTON DC) This coming Wednesday, August 6, 2014, is the 69th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, the whole truth of which has been heavily censored and mythologized ever since war-weary Americans celebrated V-J Day on August 15.

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