(Circumcision) Inflicting Pain Just After Birth May Have Long-Term Effects on Your Newborn

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“We must alert the medical community to the psychological hazards of early pain and call for the removal of all man-made pain surrounding birth.”

—Dr. David B. Chamberlain, psychologist and co-founder of the Association of Pre-and Perinatal Psychology and Health


As I was catching up on articles relating to the Vitamin K shot, I stumbled upon an article that caught my attention. It was written by Dr. Mercola who is a New York Times best-selling author as displayed so elegantly on his website along with a picture of himself in the traditional white coat. I wasn’t going to say anything, but because he had mentioned something about scriptures with which I am a bit familiar, I decided to do so.

Dr. Mercola mentions references to circumcision found in the Old Testament book of Genesis, as in Ch. 17:9-10: “And God said unto Abraham, Thou shall keep my covenant therefore, thou, and thy seed after thee in their generations. This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; every man child among you shall be circumcised.” Scholars agree that a source known as “J” or “the Yahwist” preserves the oldest parts extant of the Old Testament, dating back to c. 1000 BCE.  However, the above-cited verse was not from the Yahwist, but from the latest source in the Old Testament, the Priestly Document or “P” with a possible dating of c. 500 BCE, that is after the Exile.

Therefore, it was not in the oldest version of what became the book of Genesis.  (For a quick summary of the history of the Old Testament text you may want to read Dr. Jay R. Crook’s “Introduction to the Old Testament,” from “The Bible: An Islamic Perspective,” esp. pp 89-120.)  Many Jewish Rabbis and scholars believe that this passage about Abraham is an invention of later Judaic priests: “Biblical scholars, however, have known for a long time that this passage was never in the original Bible. It was added about 500 B.C., over one thousand years after the time of Abraham. Scholars David Rosenberg and Harold Bloom have published a full translation of the original version of Genesis, which dates from about 950B.C. Here, Chapter 17 is conspicuously absent.

the-book-of-jAll we read is that it was that day Yahweh made a covenant with Abram: “I gave this land to your seed, from the river of Egypt to the great river, Euphrates—of the Kenite, and Kenizzite, the Kadmonite; of Hittite, the Perizzite, the Rephaim; of the Amorite, the Canaanite, the Girashite, the Jubisite’” (Paul M. Fleiss, Fredirick Mansfield Hodges, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Circumcision; Rosenberg D, Bloom H (trans and eds). The Book of J., New York: Grove Weidenfeld; 1990 p.79)

In addition, Rabbi and historian Lawrence A. Hoffman explains the reason why circumcision was incorporated into priestly Judaism: “they did this by instituting a temple-centered sacrificial cult into which newborn males were initiated by circumcision. They created the Abrahamic circumcision myth and inserted it into the most important part of Genesis, pretending that it had been there all along. The priesthood maintained their grip on power until about A.D. 71, when they were overthrown. Circumcision has remained a Hebrew practice ever since.” (Hoffman L A. Covenant of Blood: Circumcision and Gender in Rabbinic Judaism. Chicago & London: University of Chicago Press; 1996.)

Any hoot, what I found very interesting was the fact that Dr. Mercola in his article “The Potential Dark Side of the Routine Newborn Vitamin K Shot,” has listed circumcision among the potential causes of psycho-emotional damage and trauma:

“For more than a century, many physicians have maintained a denial of infant pain, based on ancient prejudices and “scientific evidence” that was long ago disproven. Many have made claims that newborns don’t feel pain, or remember it, the way adults do. In fact, not only do infants feel pain, but the earlier they experience it, the more damaging and longer lasting the psychological effects may be. Dr. David B. Chamberlain, psychologist and co-founder of the Association of Pre-and Perinatal Psychology and Health, wrote in his article “Babies Don’t Feel Pain: A Century of Denial in Medicine”: v

“The earlier an infant is subjected to pain, the greater the potential for harm.

Early pains include being born prematurely into a man-made ‘womb,’ being born full-term in a man-made delivery room, being subject to any surgery (major or minor), and being circumcised.

We must alert the medical community to the psychological hazards of early pain and call for the removal of all man-made pain surrounding birth.” 

“Back in 1999, Science Daily published an article  vi about the findings of a research team at the Washington School of Medicine that newborns who are exposed to a series of painful treatments display a variety of long-term effects as older children, including an altered response to pain and an exaggerated stress response.

“A 2004 study vii found that very early pain or stress experiences have long-lasting adverse consequences for newborns, including changes in the central nervous system and changes in responsiveness of the neuroendocrine and immune systems at maturity.

“Similarly, a 2008 study of analgesia in newborns and children viii concluded:

“Healthy newborns routinely experience acute pain during blood sampling for metabolic screening, injection of vitamin K or hepatitis vaccine, or circumcision.

Acute pain caused by skin-breaking procedures can lead to physiologic instability and behavioral distress, and it has downstream effects on subsequent pain processing, development and stress responsivity.

Because of these detrimental effects, reduction and prevention of pain are worthy clinical goals that are also expected by most parents.” 


Intact America Press Conference – American Academy of Pediatrics 

Film by James Loewen ©2016

A New York State pediatrician with 30 years in the American Academy of Pediatricstold Brian Levitt, “It’s blood money. We don’t do it in my practice, and I tell parents not to do it, and if they want to do it, they gotta go find it and do it themselves. I can’t lop it off…. You save one kid, you’ve started to save the world. If you can get one doctor that does circumcisions to change their mind because of this [protest], then I would consider this a success.” James Loewensaw the doctor talking to us and got an extensive interview with him. 2016 AAP Convention Protests in San Francisco  CIRCUMCISION. There’s no place left to hide. 

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