Iraq: Mainstream Media Disinformation Yet Again


Joseph Clifford

Once again mainstream media either has no clue, or is distorting information on the current situation in Iraq, which is one of the reasons a recent Gallup poll indicated a whopping 77% distrust mainstream media TV news. It is no wonder when mainstream media parade in front of us the same cast of characters that brought us the lies that led to a series of Iraq wars and all the tragedies that followed. Mainstream media considers them as “experts” even though they have a history of being dead wrong or of being liars. Rather than have them paraded in front of us as “experts” they should be paraded in front of the World Court as war criminals, mass murderers, and liars, but the US and Israel refused to join in the World Court for fear of being charged. As members, they would be standing in judgment before the World Court for their murderous acts. Certainly most Americans realize mainstream media is part of the sham, thus the public’s callous disregard and contempt of mainstream media.

Mass media has portrayed the current situation in Iraq as a bunch of extremist terrorist groups running raged over the Iraq countryside. They ponder the military option advocating more bombings and more weapons, which has been the practice for the past 13 years. They are just calling for more death and destruction, and are once again, wrong on all counts.

The US has supported the present Malaki government with uncountable sums of money and military aid, and he has proven himself to be an irresponsible, cruel, vindictive dictator, who has earned the hatred of most of the people in his country. Since his emergence as dictator he has murdered, cleansed, and tortured the Sunni population, and ethnically cleansed his nation of Sunnis. His army and military, both proxy US forces, have used torture, imprisonment, and murder, to silence any opposition to his reign. We have propped up this dictator who oppressed his people. Groups like ISIS are not popular despite their incredible success in capturing a great deal of the countryside. They have however, been joined by all the forces who despise Malaki and his government, with the feeling that anything is better than being ruled by the oppressive dictator who derives his power from the US. Those who fought and resisted the US occupation over the years have settled their differences with the terrorist groups and are at least willing to work side by side to rid themselves of the US puppet, Mr. Malaki. So it is the US who has created the “Perfect Storm” for this uprising by imposing brutal sanctions that killed one million innocents, repeated illegal invasions and savage bombing of the entire country and all of its infrastructure, supporting and propping up a brutal racist dictator, arming there entire nation with an incredible amounts of sophisticated weapons, then saying we are done here, it is time to go home. The stage was set for a huge explosion and the emergence of extremist groups. It was the Perfect Storm that brought together all the forces who have at least one common goal; to rid themselves of the US puppet dictator Malaki.

Mainstream media and the war hawks try to cover their sins by blaming the Iraqi people for not solving their own problem, while avoiding their role and the real reasons for the disintegration of a modern nation state.

The US has no need or logical reason to send bombs into Iraq yet again, nor has it any reason to send in more weapons. Iraq has been bombed into oblivion over the years by the US and it also has been armed to the teeth by the US government. The fight in Iraq is now between the combined forces who want to rid their country of a very unpopular US backed dictator. The US has no business getting involved in their civil war.

Sadly, the same war criminals are now on mainstream media leading the charge by advocating unleashing more blood, death, and destruction on the long suffering people of Iraq, which makes mainstream media complicit in this catastrophe.

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