Look what we have done to Iraq. Shame, Shame!

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Joseph Clifford Global News Centre

If you want to know why Iraq is dissolving into anarchy, death, destruction, and total devastation, you should take a minute to recall what the US has done to that country. We supported the dictator Saddam Hussein with weapons and chemicals which he used against the Iranians in an eight year war. During that war we supported both sides, a completely immoral act, thus insuring a bloodier outcome. After supporting him with weapons he subsequently, according to the US government, turned from our friend (recall the infamous picture of Donald Rumsfeld shaking his hand) into being a “Hitler” like, and we turned against him and launched two wars against the Iraqi people. The first occurred because he invaded Kuwait after the American ambassador April Glaspie, gave him the wink and nod to do so.

After the first war ended the drums of “he has weapons of mass destruction” began to beat, and the beat was repeated and intensified by mass media who co-operated with the US government by merely acting as a mouthpiece for the neocon warmongers within the US government. The media never challenged or questioned any of the lies, exaggerations, and distortions of the government; it just repeated them. Then to force Saddam Hussein to get rid of his non-existent WMD, we imposed the most brutal sanctions in the history of the world on and against the Iraqi people. Since medicines were not allowed into Iraq the sickly were the most vulnerable, followed by young children. While the rest of the world looked on with horror, the US insisted on maintaining the brutal sanctions. Even after it was disclosed that over 600,000 children under 5 years of age had died because of the sanctions, the Secretary of State insisted “it was worth it.” Some speculate a total of one million innocent people died because of the sanctions.

Not being satisfied with such cruelty, the US eventually went to war again against Iraq. This time “Shock and Awe” was unleashed by the mightiest military empire the world has ever seen against a virtually defenseless country, for prior to the actual war US the maintained a large no fly zone over Iraq and bombed daily insuring that when the war came, Iraq did not have the means to fight back. When all radar and anti-aircraft sites were destroyed, the real bombing was unleashed with Shock and Awe. Mainstream media marveled at the power of the US military which was illegally murdering and bombing civilian cities. Never did media question the mass murder; or the legality of the war, or the lies about the WMD, it just cheered. All of Iraq’s infrastructure was destroyed. Cities, bridges, power plants, water systems, sewerage systems, were destroyed, unleashing more disease and death. Millions became refugees creating yet another massive problem. All this was done in the name of “humanitarian help”. We were “helping” to free them of a dictator by killing kids and bombing an entire nation back into the Stone Age.

Once the war ended the real evil work began. With our “occupation” policy we unleashed sectarian violence and ethnically cleansed entire large cities. Sunnis were ethnically cleansed from Shiite areas and Shiites were cleansed from Sunni strongholds insuring division and sectarian violence for years to come. Apartheid like Israeli walls were built to separate the races, who for centuries had managed to get along despite religious differences.

Still not finished its dirty work, the US then supported a Shiite dictator, Malaki, who proved himself to be a racist who would not talk or allow Sunnis to have any role or power in Iraq. His police are hated for their cruelty and brutality, so the stage was set for the perfect storm.

We armed both Iraq and Iran in their 8 year war insuring a long bloody war. We turned on our former puppet dictator and invaded Iraq in the first war, followed by the imposition of the most brutal deadly sanctions in the history of the world, followed by continual daily bombing in the “no-Fly Zone”, followed by an illegal attack on Iraq in the form of Shock and Awe completely destroying the country. After completely devastating the country and sending it back to the Middle Ages, we set up a cruel racist dictator and unleashed sectarian hatred, armed the entire country with weapons, then said ok, we have “helped” enough, we are leaving. All this was accomplished with 1.7 trillion dollars. It was a “perfect storm”. Want to know why Iraq is disintegrating in violence? Look in the mirror. None of this will be discussed by mainstream media, nor will an all important question be raised: Was all this done intentionally by the US with the desired goal of the dissolution of Iraq as a modern nation?

Currently the administration wonders how can we now “help” the people of Iraq in their present situation, and they apparently have come up with wonderful ideas to “help” Iraqis; bombing them yet again and sending them more weapons! There are two things Iraqis do not need at this point; more US bombing, and more US supplied weapons; that is unless you wish to reduce the country to total anarchy and chaos. It is no wonder that in world polls the US is seen as the greatest threat to peace in the world.


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