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Even when I point out physical and mathematical impossibilities associated with their gravity, heat and particle explanations of anomalies discovered by the space probes, the scientists have simply stated that it is simply an anomaly that has to be resolved instead of considering the fact that their basic paradigm is wrong.

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(SAN DIEGO)  As an inventor with 4 approved patents on mechanical, electronic and energy devices with another patent pending, I am familiar with and used small models to determine the capability and potential of a much larger model. From a reverse perspective it is equally possible to determine how an already known very large phenomenon can be produced by a very small model. For the scientists sitting at their desks burdened with mathematical formulas limiting their grasp of reality, I think it is important for them to look around them at the marvels that have been created simply by forcing a magnetic field current a fraction of an inch back and forth in a wire at 60 cycles per second.  There aren’t any particles filling up the light bulbs or piling up around all of the appliances they are using. Electrical energy does not flow from the end of a wire like water from a faucet. Everything must be connected back to the generator to complete a circuit to continue the fraction of an inch back and forth loop of occilation or the electrical energy will not work. The ground of the Earth serves as the connecting link back to the generator of the utility company.

My use of an automotive ignition coil and a solenoid to represent the swirling magnetic field of a galaxy resulting in the powerful core energy of a black hole complies with all of the laws of physics and can be tested in any laboratory to prove its viability. It is not the wire windings that create the powerful high voltage current flow through the core of the coils.  It is the magnetic field created by the weak magnetic field carried from the generator by the wire.  Nature does not need a wire to transmit the magnetic field current of planets, stars and galaxies.

I was often told that a magnetic field was so weak compared to gravity that it was totally irrelevant. Yet an early 1900’s laboratory experiment proved that if you hold a 3 foot long iron pipe perpendicular to the Earth with the top end tilted slightly toward the North, the Earth’s magnetic field current flow will align the polarity of all of the molecules in the pipe in one direction creating a magnet.  And, as anyone can very plainly see, if this pipe were the size of a junkyard magnet it would lift a car into the air against the pull of gravity.  So there are many instances where a magnetic field can create a much greater force than gravity. Since the iron pipe proves without any doubt that it can create a magnetic force and the ground serves as the connecting force to the utility company generator, we can apply this capability to appropriate ferrous minerals in the adjoining tectonic plates. When the magnetic field creates areas of minerals of like polarity in adjoining tectonic plates, it is easy to understand why and how these minerals will violently repel each other as evidenced by the demonstration with the ball of pith.  If the energy becomes exceptionally intense it will create the eerie glow often seen just above the ground and reported just before a strong earthquake and result in the vigorous repelling force of an earthquake.  Similar to the videotaped electromagnetic loops on the Sun that produces the biggest explosions in the solar system when they converge or collide this is the only feasible explanation of the tremendous energy of an earthquake.

The false premise that gravity rules the universe is the major stumbling block to the solution of many of the embarrassing amount of mysteries remaining unresolved. If the scientists began their research under the belief that it is electromagnetic energy that rules the universe instead of gravity, they would have solved the riddle of the universe decades ago.  The belief that it takes a flow of particles to create a flow of magnetic field current flow is another stumbling block. Medical science is many years ahead of the rest of the science community in recognizing that a flow of magnetic field current controls much of the human body and other aspects of nature.

In the Sept. 4, 2007 History program “Beyond the Big Bang” it stated:  “The scientists believed the four forces of nature including gravity and electromagnetism wee combined into a single super force.  During the big bang this super force split into the 4 known forces, the weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, gravity and the strong nuclear force. But before it split when the universe was incredibly small, Einstein’s laws of physics including the one that says nothing moves faster than light didn’t apply yet.  Maybe at that moment something happened that caused the universe to expand faster than light. Gravity suddenly splits off from the super force as the universe expands. As the universe expands it cools but somehow sets off a burst of energy fueling the hyperinflation of the universe suggested by Professor of Physics, MIT, Alan Guth.”

First of all gravity is a force that results only from the accumulation of a large mass that did not exist at the beginning of the universe. And: “But somehow sets off a burst of energy” does not comport with this scenario. And the statement “Maybe something happened” does not explain anything. The program continued: “Roughly 9 billion years out matter and gravity combine to form a perfectly typical star.  Pressure creates heat at its core.  This heat creates thermonuclear fusion.  A star is born. If you don’t understand this process that’s O K because it’s the culmination of millions of human brains struggling for thousands of years to figure out how the universe began and where man fits within it.  It’s enough to overwhelm any one human brain. We’re not the center of the universe but we are in it and of it and trying to figure it all out.  There’s so much we know and yet so much we don’t know. Where do we begin?”

It is not overwhelming if the correct paradigm of electromagnetism is applied to begin with:  The universe began with the development of gases in open space and then the generation of static electricity in many areas of open space that caused the gases to collide and fuse into solid particles. This is a process that occurs every day in many laboratories. Magnetic field current flows accelerate particles and atoms of gases to extremely high velocity that collide with other gases and particles and fuse into clumps of matter that finally begins the pull of gravity.  And since the scientists finally reported that the collision or convergence of magnetic fields on the Sun produces the largest explosions in the solar system, why is an internal thermonuclear fusion concept necessary with all of its detrimental consequences? My concept is entirely very simple and capable of being assimilated in any laboratory without violating any of the laws of physics.

The statement by a credible scientist on a credible science program that this is the culmination of millions of human brains struggling for thousands of years to figure out how the universe began and the very sad fact that so much of the universe is still unexplained expresses my opinion of the science community and their continued obstinate adherence to the failed gravity and particle belief better that I have been able to in over 35 years. After thousands of years it is about time for the science community to wake up to the reality that an alternative concept is absolutely necessary since, as Dr. Carolyn Porco, leader of the Cassini research team said: “We may never be able to explain all of it.”

Once again a scientist has stated that “We need new physics, things that we have not yet discovered to explain what goes on inside a black hole.” All of the similar comments since 1978 prove that I was right to try to convince the science community to consider the importance of electromagnetic energy in their attempt to explain the bizarre phenomena that has and still does defy explanation under the established and inviolable conventional wisdom of the science community  Amazingly, I have not actually been proposing “new technology” but simply an effort to prod the scientists to consider details if the technology that has been known for decades but simply ignored or overlooked because it did not conform to their established philosophy..

Everything about a black hole conforms to the characteristics of electromagnetic energy without violating any of the laws of physics. Yet not one of the characteristics of a black hole has anything to do with gravity or particles or gorging on planets and stars and converting anything of solid matter and converting it to a brilliant beam of light blasting out into space at the speed of light. I am astonished that after over 35 years of trying to convince the scientists that they are ignoring the most important aspect of the universe I have received many comments from many scientists who agree with me but apparently not one of them has communicated any suggestion to the science community that they should consider an alternative to their failed gravity belief.

Even when I point out physical and mathematical impossibilities associated with their gravity, heat and particle explanations of anomalies discovered by the space probes, the scientists have simply stated that it is simply an anomaly that has to be resolved instead of considering the fact that their basic paradigm is wrong. This has led to the taxpayers being gouged for billions of dollars in unnecessary research efforts that have not done anything to advance the knowledge in science.  The fantastic radio telescope array now being constructed in many areas of the Earth to study black holes for a period of ten years is a prime example. They can study black holes for another 100 years the way they have studied comets but they will not learn one thing about a black hole unless they revise their primary belief from being caused by gravity and gorged planets and stars to the correct reality that they are created by electromagnetic energy. I suspect the reason the scientists to whom I have written are reticent to express their opinion to other scientists is the fear of being ostracized or vilified for violating the strict tenets of the science community of conforming to their established beliefs. If true, we will not achieve any reasonable advancement in science until, as one professor said, the current members of science die and a new group of scientists are established.




chromie-edselEdsel Chromie is a Detroit Michigan native who moved to San Diego in 1965. Edsel is a World War Two Navy veteran who served as a motor machinists mate on diesel electric systems where he learned about the magnetic field current swirling around the primary current flow through a wire as a part of Navy training to trace the direction of flow of the electricity in case of torpedo damage.

This led to Edsel’s unique explanations of many phenomena of the universe. He also has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun tracking systems. Today Edsel writes about this unique set of life experiences for, conveying information that seems especially relevant as nuclear disaster, potential changes in the earth’s atmosphere, and what many view as an increasing level of natural disasters continue to dominate headlines. Perhaps many of the answers are on hand, yet unaccepted by the scientific community. You can write to Ed Chromie at this address:

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