The Pentagon is getting the Bible Belt (and the rest of us) comfortable with Police State militarism this summer

jade-helm-mapDevelopments in U.S. have startling similarities to the history of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Gary G. Kohls, MD for Global News Centre

(DULUTH) To all peace and justice activists and others who are justifiably suspicious of the Deep State, the highly profitable military/industrial complex and its weapons industries,  please read the attached PDF and then alert others who need to know this information.

The US Army SOC (special operation command) tries to soften the blow somewhat by mentioning that $150,000 of national taxpayer dollars will be infused into the “local” economy, but the document doesn’t say if that amount will go to each locality where the war games will be conducted.

The military in the US has a nation, not the other way around. What is happening here in the US seems to be a replication of the German fascist playbook from the last century, very similar to what happened in Prussia over several centuries  (even before the French Revolution started).

Prussian militarism had a long authoritarian run  – until 1945, when the anti-democratic, war-mongering,  far-right-wing Adolf Hitler and his arrogant, belligerent, brutal, anti-intellectual and very amoral henchmen ruined Germany’s economy along with the lives of his trusting, bamboozled “Good Germans” who had been raised to never question authority and to pledge allegiance to the (Swastika) flag.

Soon after the Wall Street stock market crash, German democracy was strangled, Hitler had taken power and he and his nationalist “Deutschland Uber Alles” fascist thugs in the Reichstag achieved control of all but one of the political parties (the liberal Social Democrats). Along with the death of democracy, he and his fascist party took control of the national budget, the media, the courts and Germany’s pro-war conservative Christian churches.

However, just like the US today, Germany’s bankers and major profit-making corporations had actual behind the scenes control over Hitler, and they permitted him to begin his perpetual war campaign, anticipating huge war profits and expanded markets for their products after the German empire had been completed and the Thousand Year Reich had begun.

Investors from the US contributed to the financing of Hitler’s war-mongering, including George and Jeb Bush’s Wall Street banker/grandfather Prescott Bush, who should have been – but wasn’t – tried for treason and thrown in jail for trading with the enemy.

Prussian militarism ruled Germany for centuries and conducted expensive war games with or without the consent of the people. Militaries that control their nations, have unlimited budgets and few legislators to courageously oppose them think that they can do anything that they want to do with “their” nations.

Feeling a chill when reading the link to the PDF below about the planned Police State war games this summer means you are a true patriot.

See the PDF file here courtesy of


Dr Kohls is a retired family physician from Duluth, Minnesota who practiced holistic (non-drug) mental health care for the last decade of his career. He often dealt with the horrific psychological consequences of veterans (and civilians) who had suffered psychological, neurological and/or spiritual trauma. He is involved in peace, nonviolence and justice issues and often writes about mental ill health, toxic food issues, corporate pollution, the corporate-controlled media, corporate-controlled politics, crony capitalism, militarism, racism, fascism, imperialism, totalitarianism, economic oppression, anti-environmentalism and other violent, unsustainable, anti-democratic movements.



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