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Ace Knight in hijack mode (rolls one up)

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Submitted by Ace Knight & Bro. Raekwon

“Hijacked Media Production”

Nothing beats the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin. Be unapologetically you! – Wahidah Fowler 

Wahidah is definitely a superstar in the making, but far from being an overnight success. Though she claims Brooklyn as her home-town nothing can take Wahidah away from her African heritage. Her mother is from the beautiful island of the Bahamas and her father is from the Guyana. Wahidah thinks of modeling as another way of expressing her passion, which is visual arts. Modeling and Acting to Wahidah is not about society standards of beauty or how other people perceive a model or an actress is supposed to look. “You don’t have to be a beauty queen to work a camera” says Wahidah. “It’s all about your attitude”. Through hard work and dedication Wahidah is destine to take the world by storm through her Modeling, Acting and Visual art.

Wahidah is the former host of the Friday Hip Hop Report for Jumpoff.tv and AllHipHop.com. The Friday Hip Hop Report is the webs biggest weekly urban lifestyle show reporting all the developments from news and new releases to album sales and charts. You can check Wahidah out every Friday hosting this show. Wahidah also is the video correspondent for G Style Magazine aka The “Digital Girl”. G Style Magazine is a digital consumer electronics magazine, that aims to bridge the gap between Fashion & Technology.



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